It’s been big news around here. The kids’ YouTube channel finally (fiiinnnnaallllyyy) reached 100 subscribers. We are all pretty pumped to achieve this first milestone. Especially as a channel made for kids with no specific purpose and, thanks to me, sporadic videos. It was level 100 excitement around here when the number ticked over. And because kids know what is what and they decided to celebrate.


Let there be cake!


And so we did, they talked about it, asked about it, and prompted me until we finally had a celebratory cake sitting in front of us, talking about what we love about making videos. It was a celebration of our win and something I know that I need to get better at. Maybe you do too.

A couple of years ago now, around this time, this blog turned ten years old. And there was little more than a blog post to mark the occasion. Which is, even now, disappointing. That kind of longevity and milestone deserved better than that. But at the time, I think I was too caught up in day-to-day life to acknowledge that.


Then, because time waits for no woman, the moment was gone.


Opportunity missed, another moment passed me by, lost to the sands of time. Which may, and probably does, sound dramatic. What can I say? That’s the way I look at it now. No, it doesn’t change the actual milestone. We still managed to keep this blog world afloat for ten years, and that can’t be taken away from us. But that was a win that deserved to be celebrated; for you and me.

And that’s the crux of it, I think. Where I was, mental health-wise, at that time wasn’t the best. Things I used to love to do were washed out, colourless versions of their former selves. I didn’t take the time to celebrate because I didn’t think I deserved it. It didn’t feel important enough to celebrate myself and my achievements for no other reason than I said so; it felt like a stretch.


But I was wrong, it was worth celebrating! I am worth celebrating.


Celebrate your wins - suger coat it


And you, my friend, are worth celebrating as well. I know I needed to hear that and maybe right now, you are waiting for a similar kick in the pants. Too often we wait for those milestones society tell us are a celebration. Things like weddings, graduations, babies. But I’m becoming a firm believer that we shouldn’t wait for these things.

Firstly, because some of them may not happen for you. Weddings and babies especially are tricky things to ‘make’ happen. But also because if it means something to you, you should celebrate it. Don’t wait! Order a cake, pop a bottle of champagne or take a day off. Celebrate your wins and remind yourself and those around you that you’re worth it.


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