Big call on the headline there, don’t you think team? NEVER let me down. Like, ever. But the anti-fit jean came into my life with the first 17 Sundays release and it’s been my go-to style ever since. After decades of mot really knowing what shape I’d call myself, it turns out that my stomach absolutely pushes me into apple territory. And the anti-fit, well it’s an apple girls dream jean.


Because the lean fit of the leg, the WIDE waistband, and the skinny, skinny ankle. Fits like a glove, let me tell you. And even if you are days before your period, have over-indulged, or skipped the gym for a few weeks giving you a little extra squish in the middle, they will still love you. Trust me. I know that first hand.

But don’t take my word for it. Everyone has to go out there and find their ideal fit when it comes to jeans. I lived in skinny jeans for ages, boyfriend jeans (like in yesterday’s post) took their place and then from there it’s all the anti-fit or joggers. What can I say, my style got a little more slouchy and a little less work style on the weekends. But a change is as good as a holiday.

I think you need to try a lot of jeans on, you have to experiment with lengths and cuts and finally find the fit that works for your body NOW. My biggest struggle was for years holding on to skinny jeans that were either two sizes too big or at least one size too small. My weight has varied about 15kg over the last few years, and depending on how regular I am at the gym I swing between a size 20 to a 26 in jeans. So update your jeans when your body changes.


What the heck are you waiting for?

The next 5kg? The perfectly defined waist? I don’t know what your thing is but there’s a chance it’s not coming anytime soon. So shop for jeans you love now. Invest in pieces that you are going to love and let your body change as it will. Great jeans will last as long as you need them to. And some trend pieces, that won’t cost you the earth, will too. So get trying, get buying and rock the heck out of whatever turns out to be YOUR go-to style!

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What’s YOUR go-to jean fit!? 

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