A short while ago I was here blogging about leaving my job, I’d planned to go full-time in my social media consultancy {a large part of which means working more on this blog}. Then a mere two days into that ‘retirement’ plan I was contacted and offered a 6 month contract at a local not-for-profit and I said yes.

Life changed. My routine was thrown out the window. I tumbled and stumbled along for a few weeks until I realised that the time was now and I had to do something or it would be the end of 2014 and I’d have nothing done. And in 2014, as usual, I have big plans.

I wrote a post about it, you remember, asking for your advice on finding your feet in a new routine. How do you do that? How DID you do that? I asked for advice from you charming bunch. The most common answer across the platforms was ‘you just get on with it!’. Sound advice that.

Advice that in the end I took.

I got on with it. I stood up every morning and did what I could do, I went to work, I utilised every spare minute to my advantage. I wrote and I caught up and I missed one too many gym classes. Ask my muscle tone, it’ll tell you. But I got there. I’ve found a balance that works.

Now I write often and better in a lot of ways than I ever have before. I’ve even started a couple of new eBooks. YES. A couple. I saw my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, drank coffees and hung out with friends and got myself in a new clean, mean way of living. I’ve even cut back the booze to virtually non-existent, I’m a freaking Saint! New routine is firmly coming together and life’s good.

You know, the feeling of panic has lifted and it all looks possible again.

The best part is that I learnt a few things along the way. I learnt how to ‘just get on with it’ like you said. I made notes and jotted down tips as they came to me. Because I’m a blogger. That’s what I do. In fact being a blogger means that I can adapt quickly and easily in the first place. I mean, have you ever tried to keep up with the latest Facebook algorithm?

how to adapt quickly - suger coat it

So without further ado. And that was plenty of ado, don’t you think? Here it is, my guide for how to adapt in life quickly and easily;

Let it go

Not just an Oscar-winning song, it’s a way of life. A simple and easy way of adapting when things are changing and you’re freaking out. You have to stop and let go of every idea you have about how something SHOULD look. There is not perfect way, no routine that cannot be improved. So stop forcing it and let it gooooo. Don’t make me sing. It’s not pretty.

The way I was able to let go of my old routine and work my way into a new one was through reminding myself that things are different now. Sure I may have to write in the morning sometimes when I was so used to working at nights, but things are different now. Get over it. Let it go.

Be open to new information

When things are changing around you there is a lot of information to process. For me this can lead to overwhelm. That moment when you reach your hands up, cover your ears and say ENOUGH. Well sorry folks, I’m going to tell you not to do that. Resist the urge to run screaming and stand and face. The new information coming in WILL reduce sooner or later and the nugget, the thing you have been waiting for to make the difference is probably in there somewhere.

Take down time

In the theme of being open to new information and letting it go, make sure you are getting enough sleep, taking sufficient breaks and making time for down time so you have the mental space to do these things. Ignore the rushing voice of complaint that probably sounds like the ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ lady and do it. Like the old saying goes, if you don’t have time to do it right, you don’t have the time to do it over.

Know what there is to do

With all the new things happening around you there is a chance that things you once had on the list have gone by the wayside. I was beating myself up about not making it to the gym all the time. Annoyed that I hadn’t finished projects I’d committed to and was stretching deadlines to their breaking point. Frustrated because at every turn there appeared to be something else I still had to do or fit in.

So I got out my neon yellow chalkboard pen {Thanks Liv!} and I made a list. I wrote the big things on there and the little things. The upcoming commitments I have. The unsaid commitments that I felt just as bad about breaking like spending time with my husband and family. I wrote it all down. I pulled out my diary and starting making notes. I got very, very clear on what there was to do and started doing it.


Not literally, though literally if it makes you feel better. But find a way to float along for a little while, with no idea of how it will work out or why. Just dance in the chaos. We all know those people who are standing in the midst of great change and chaos and look peaceful, yes? Those people are dancing.

In my life when things get mad, when there are deadlines looming or a major change is afoot it triggers all sorts of anxiety in me. Anxiety that is quickly followed by depression. It’s a slippery slope and one that can cost me days, weeks or even months.

So I learnt to dance. Finding a way to say to myself, “be calm”, “control is an illusion”, “just breathe” works. I learnt to laugh in the face of the part of me who believed that she had any semblance of control over how life went for me. I can plan and try as hard as I like. Still, it is out of my hands.

Go one better than going with the flow, dance in the midst of the change you are experiencing, you’ll find yourself on your feet when you come out the other side.

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