Well, it’s been 30 days of daily blogging; give or take a few days. I made it, sort of. While I may not have blogged every single day, but I did the majority of them. In the last 30 days, I made stuff; took more photos and wrote what was there to write day after day. It’s a long way from the blog sitting empty for weeks at a time.

It started with me staring at a blank page for the fifty-billionth time. Not sure what to write and sort of trapped in the what would be worth saying, what was important and second-guessing everything. I wasn’t sure that I even knew how to blog anymore. That was the day I committed to making something every day.

Daily blogging. Just like the old days (for me).

I dusted off my rusty typing fingers and started to write about whatever happened that day. Thoughts I had and ideas that crossed my path about life and business, relationships and challenging myself.

Along the way, I found my voice, which hadn’t been gone but buried deep. I took outfit photos and shared thoughts on shopping. But I also wrote about business and the things I experience as someone learning a new (to them) platform, like YouTube.

It helped me to stop trying so hard. To post more regularly across all my social media. Some, like Instagram, had been in the naughty corner for so long I was wondering if there wasn’t anything for me there anymore. It reinvigorated me at a time when I was producing so much content for others there didn’t seem to be room to do it for myself.

I’m glad I did it, and I’m going to keep trying.

Keep digging and discovering and finding something to say as often as I possibly can. Daily, if the habit keeps up. I want there to be a purpose to my blog and the things I share here. But I’m okay with that purpose being to entertain myself, for now. For it to be somewhere that I can create and share.

For a lot of you reading this, that will seem entirely obvious. Of course, a blog is somewhere to express yourself. I think the main thing I learned in the past 30 days was that by trying to BE something, I lost that. I thought I’d figured out what people wanted or needed from me and I was doing that. But along the way I’ve finally learned that really, people just want to come along for the ride.

So let’s do that. One day at a time.

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