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This post contains items gifted for editorial consideration and raved about.

I had been impatiently waiting. Waiting like a kid for Christmas day for a parcel in the post with all the new season goodness from 17 Sundays. I featured the items in the post last week and that parcel that FINALLY arrived contained the selections for me from the range.

Despite three-day old party hair and no Mr Suger the Photographer, I was determined to grab some photos so I could share the new goodness as soon as possible. If I thought I had been waiting, so were the folks on Facebook, and as I’ve said before I like to give the people what they want.

Introducing the hallway impromptu photo shoot. Black and white to hide a multitude of sins. The photos were taken quickly, but they show off all the awesome that is this outfit. These pants, oh my god, I die. The stripe tee, well you had to know I’d be a fan. Add to that some simple beads and pointy white shoes and hey presto an outfit is born.

As soon as I saw these pants on the runway at the Curvy Couture Roadshow I knew that we would be friends. I saw them in sneak peek photos from the brand and a crush was born. Faux leather joggers, in plus, finally. I fan-girled all over them. Then they arrived and my eyes misted over, I heard music build and I knew it. I was in love.

The team sent me my usual size in all items. The 22 in the pants and the large in the tee. You’ll note by the fit of the tee that they have done some rejigging of the BASIC sizing so the large better suits the 20/22 as it was always planned. They have added a size 12 too, such a win for our friends at the other end of the scale… Like my sister for example. I know she’s going to be STOKED.

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17 sundays leather joggers aw14-5 17 sundays leather joggers aw14-3

Baseball T-Shirt – 17 Sundays BASIC {size L – gifted}
Lust for Life Faux Leather Jogger – 17 Sundays {size 22 – gifted}
Heels – Emerson for Big W
Necklaces – Op Shop and Ruby Olive


17 sundays leather joggers aw14-2


Ever fallen in love with a piece of clothing? Love at first sight? 

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  • Justine

    Oh my goodness you had me at the size 12. I am a curvy gal who is a 12-14 and I’ve been lusting after all your 17 Sundays outfits for so long!

  • Yes I fell in love with the denim joggers at first sight. I actually said hell yes when I read that . I literally squealed .. Excitement like this is reserved for extra special wardrobe awesomeness.
    They look fab on you Melissa , I’m definitely tempted by the faux pair too

  • Mel Watson

    OMG those pants *drools*! I totally want a pair, am even considering breaking my no black rule for them! Wow can’t believe I just said that lol! =)

    • Mel Watson

      OK now I am really in trouble! Just clicked through to the denim slouch joggers on their website. Perfecto! Did you happen to get gifted a pair of them too? If so any chance we will be seeing an outfit with them sometime soon?

  • Nadine

    Not a fan of faux, I prefer it real -I always worry that I’ll be sweaty.

    The stripe top looks like it would be great for exercise.

    Is the 12 a real 12 or a vanity 12?

    • I believe it’s a real 12. 17 Sundays don’t normally mess around with vanity sizing. I can ask if you like.

      And I wore the pants to an event last night with no issue of sweating. Sure it wasn’t overly warm but for a while when it was packed it was a little hot in there so I used it as a test.

  • THOSE PANTS! I am seriously so in lust with them! You look totally hawt in this outfit!

    • Well thank you muchly lady, they are pretty fab. I’ve worn them a few times already!

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