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I think it started with my plan to wear nothing but black, white, grey and denim through winter. I know it was a preference before, but it settled in when I started that loose guide for what I’d wear. Somewhere along the way I ended up wearing a lot of black. A lot, a lot. And I love it.

Often I’m told that I should wear more colour. From my family, my sister especially, from readers of this blog (hi guys!) and from those lovely pull no punches folks on Instagram.Sometimes it’s subtle compliments when I do wear colour, sometimes it’s a flat-out, black on black again, really!?

What can I say, I’m a big fan of black. Black on black and more black is so easy to do and throw together at the last-minute. When in doubt, add more black layers, and you are good to go. Most people will advocate a pop of colour, and I can get behind that. Sometimes. This outfit, for example, the gold accessories were good, but it wasn’t until I swapped in these yellow mirrored aviators for my normal ones that I done.

A thank you shout out has to go to the team at Yours Clothing for sending me this fab jumpsuit. I ordered up a few sizes because I’m long in the torso and tall. I went a little far and would recommend maybe up-sizing one size, but two certainly wasn’t necessary. The back of this baby is made entirely of lace with an exposed silver zip. It’s gorgeous. But much too chilly for this time of year even in beautiful Queensland. Worth a look if you wanted to explore the jumpsuit trend but are shy about committing loads of cash to it.

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Jumpsuit – Yours Clothing {gifted – 26/28}
Jacket – Ashley Stewart via Curvy Cartel
Wedges – Target Australia {similar}
Necklace & Ring – Diva {old stock – try this instead}
Sunglasses – Sunglasses Hut {similar}


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What say you? More black or less for you? Do you think that plus-size women who are embracing fashion avoid black a little because they are rebelling against years of conditioning that says they ONLY look good in black. You know, the whole slimming thing? I know I felt that way for a while, I wonder if it was just me. Or do you just really not like black?

  • Nadine

    My wardrobe is mostly black with grey and white for colour. And denim of course.
    Black is classic, stunning and striking. I have often been told to wear more colour. I don’t tell others to stop wearing colour, so others should stop telling me what to wear. If I want an opinion I will ask (and I have, and if I’m told to add colour it’s ok because I asked.)
    Although most people know and just accept that I love black. At one point I didn’t have anything (other than a few tshirts) other than grey, white and black. Recently I have added a bit of cream, taupe, brown, navy and red (red suits me but other colours not so much -I’m pale+++ with dark hair). As a fan of Alannah Hill (Love love love Alannah Hill) I have quite a few of her pieces, many are black but slowly some (subdued) colour is creeping in but I will never be a bright dresser,

    You talk of wearing what you want, not what society tells you a bigger person to wear. If a person said to you, “Don’t wear stripes they will make you look bigger” you would no doubt wear more stripes (as you should!!!), I look at this situation in the same manner. Tell them to zip their lips.

    Telling to to wear more colour (ie less black) is no different to telling you to stop wearing horizontal stripes.

    Kept up the black, add some colour if you want. Wear what makes you shine!

    • I agree. I think too often we force our preferences on people without even realising it. I don’t mind conversation around my outfits, I have somehow declared myself an authority on such things, but it still seems strange to me that people will go to the trouble of writing it needs a necklace, hate those shoes, more black boring or something similar. Pointless and a bit of a waste of breath if you ask me.

  • murphy scanlon

    You KNOW I love this! We need to start a gang! All black err day 😉

  • Meh. I wear what I want. Black and Grey are main staples in my wardrobe with a variety if different levels of brights. No plain white unless its for job interviews – mostle due to practical reasons & how messy I can be.

    I have ordered from Yours Clothing before and found sizes ver generous and prices nice. Boots were gorgeous but not big enough in foot part yet calf was really generous.

    • Haha. I do what I waaaant!

      And yes, I’ll be interested to order some items in my usual size and see what I can find out fit wise. It’s always hard when I buy from a brand for the first time.

  • Mel Watson

    I don’t really get why people (mainly women, which is a whole other issue) feel the need to tell other’s how they should dress or what they should wear!? I think it is great to hand out compliment’s if you genuinely mean them but don’t try and force your dressing ideal’s on me please, I’ll dress how I feel comfortable thank you very much! I obviously live on the other end of the spectrum to you Mel as I got a lovely compliment from a shop owner last week how I am always so colourful! No black in sight for me lol! =)

    • Haha. And we can agree to disagree. I do love a good colourful outfit, my friend Liv has a great bright and bubbly style, it’s just not my thing. Which is exactly what you’re saying.

      • Mel Watson

        Oh that whole – “don’t try and force your dressing ideal’s on me please, I’ll dress how I feel comfortable thank you very much!” wasn’t aimed at anyone least of all you, Mel! It was just a general comment to the haters! Sorry re-read today and realised it might have come across that way! Whoopsie! Forgive me? =)

        • Oh no, I got that. No worries at all. I was reading my reply and was obviously in a hurry or cut off mid thought or something. Let’s declare the whole thing a write off and try again tomorrow. 😉

  • Well my dear Suger, if that little jackety thing you have on was in a hot pink, teal green, or gorgeous orange, that would take this outfit from s’alright to WOW BEJEEBUS AWESOME for me. 🙂

    I like this look do not get me wrong, but that pop of colour would take it to the next level. 🙂 That is, for me. As in red carpet ready type of level and when you are wearing a jumpsuit which I have to imagine is extremely comfortable.. that is saying a lot. 🙂

    • What can I say, I’m an all black kinda girl. I figure the gold bling and the sunnies are the pop of colour. And YUP, it’s comfy as.

      • I’d probably get the jacket in a few different colours but I am wacky that way.. that is if it was available in colours.

        I’m going to do a post soon on re-organising my wardrobe and there is a riot of colour in there.. not sure why but this surprised me slightly! Sooo many prints!

        • I actually have it in silver too. I’m not sure it came in any other colours though.

          And a riot of colour, love it, such a great phrase.

  • When our US counterparts started wearing pastel in Winter I knew immediately that wasn’t going to be for me. I love my darks. And yes, it’s already come in really handy. Oversized makes it even easier to wear and more comfortable, I think. Good luck saving your pennies for the Sacha Drake one, it’s gorgeous.