I thought the time for this post had passed. Back when we first went into lockdown, it was a hot topic to discuss gaining weight, being ashamed of that, and generally cracking jokes at coming out of quarantine (gasp!) fat. Then it tapered off, and I thought, okay, good, I don’t have to say anything.


But hello, it’s back.


And not just because our friends in Victoria are back in lockdown or that second wave clusters are popping up all over the shop. But because it seems, the I don’t fit my clothes angst is cropping up again along with the ‘jokes’. I am to tell you one thing, friend. You didn’t fail if your pants don’t fit. You didn’t somehow do quarantine wrong or let yourself go.

It’s been a lot; a lot to handle and a lot to process. For some, especially those with a past of disordered eating, conversations about panic buying and lack of certain foods have been triggering. Unstable incomes and new work from home arrangements with partners or children have challenged us. Maybe there are cracks in your world that you hadn’t seen before the glaring light of a global pandemic was shone on them.


Let’s say; you’ve had other things to worry about.


Consider for a moment that the way your body reacted to this time in our lives was as it should. Maybe it needed those reserves or the comfort of your favourite meal, beverage or treat. Who is to say that’s wrong? Who is to say that your body isn’t better off without the restriction and boundaries of your everyday life. What if this is how it was meant to be all along?

I want to you think about that next time you are faced with a situation, conversation or thought about how things should look. Not because your health or wellness doesn’t matter, but because they do. I don’t know how long we will be living life this way. But I do know that you shouldn’t live your life waiting for the next thing to come along. Find some peace in your situation now.


And for goodness sake, find some different pants.

I personally recommend soft pants. 😉 


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