I added this prompt to the Hashtag Plus Blogger challenge myself. I’d been watching some YouTube {yeah, I know, same old same old} and came across a movie by Casey Neistat titled ‘Do What You Can’t’. Watch it if you haven’t seen it and have no idea what I’m on about. I knew it would be an interesting prompt. A prompt open to all kinds of interpretation. Outfits you ‘can’t’ wear. People who told us we can’t. Anything that has ever stood in your way.

So, here we are.

For my post this week, it’s a little of all of them. My outfit is very much one people have told me I shouldn’t be wearing. One that ‘requires’ shapewear. One that I should reconsider. For a moment after I saw the photos I thought maybe I should too. Too round in the stomach. Heck, too round everywhere. Maybe if I reconsidered the neckline or the fit of the skirt, or something to turn me into a sucked in sausage person, I could. But, I probably can’t.

But I’m wiser than that now. I’d say smarter, but it’s not that kind of wise. I’ve been in the trenches of being at war with my body, with allowing others to be at war with it, and I’m done. As I enter conversations with women, like I did in Melbourne this past week, I hear the same thing time and time again. Oh, I can’t. Not, I don’t want to or I’m choosing not to. No. They say, I can’t. Like there is a force out there making them.

But is there?

When you hear the voice that says you can’t, who is that!? It’s not the law, in Australia at least, there is very little restrictions on what you can and can’t wear. Sure, it could be magazines or style blogs. But meh, who listens to those people anyway. Maybe it’s the voice of your mother or grandmother, installing their idea of what it is to be appropriate so you can be safe. Maybe that voice, after it is all said and done. Or maybe it’s just you.

Did you set the rules based on something that happened once? Something you heard or the way somebody treated you. I get that. Seriously. I get that in so many ways. Hear me when I say I’ve been there. You heard me share above, and some of you might very well have agreed with it, but that voice isn’t the boss of you. That voice isn’t the one in charge and you can stop blaming it on you can’t.

Don’t want to? That’s different.

Saying you can’t. That makes it someone else’s problem. Someone else’s decision. It takes the power of who you are {and what you’re wearing, as the case may be} right out of your hands and dumps it in someone else’s lap. And that, my friends, is no way to live. Change your language and stop handing over your power to other people. Because sure, maybe you can’t, but most of the time I put to you, it’s you that’s getting in your way.

Monochrome Work Outfit - Plus Size Blogger Monochrome Work Outfit - Plus Size Blogger Monochrome Work Outfit - Plus Size Blogger Monochrome Work Outfit - Plus Size Blogger Monochrome Work Outfit - Plus Size Blogger Monochrome Work Outfit - Plus Size Blogger

Wearing Boohoo Duster Jacket, Atmos + Here Skirt and ASOS Tank and City Chic heels {similar}. Sorry guys, most are from my wardrobe or sold out. 

hashtag plus blogger challenge

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Thanks for playing along, team. I can’t wait to hear your take on ‘You Can’t’. Are you giving us some rules to play by or breaking them? Challenging someone who told you ‘you can’t or praising someone who was the voice that said you could. I want to hear all about it. See you on your blog soon!

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