Work outfits, work style, during the summer is harder than my everyday summer style, and special occasion combined. There’s usually some form of dress code, there’s always an expectation and it’s hot. Sometimes hotter than others, depending on whether you are in or out of the air con. So there’s all that. Plus, you’d rather be at the beach. Or I would anyway.

I find that by having a few key go-to pieces I get through most weeks with no issue. My work wardrobe is mostly black and white. Some colour thrown in on random days. Then I add a wow items like this duster now and again, and you’re in the work style game.

There’s something about the print and proportions of the jacket, the mixed up hem of the skirt and the texture of the top make this outfit interesting. The red shoes, great for a day when you’re more in the office than out, just add something extra. I like to keep my hair, makeup and jewellery simple for work because I’m lazy mostly. I’d rather sleep in those few extra minutes than apply more time. So a slick of gloss will always brighten the look .

I mentioned before that my work wardrobe is predominantly black and white and I do this for a reason. I find it much easier to mix and match from clothing in the same colour family. Navy is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but do you know how many times over the years I’ve accidentally matched a black skirt with a navy blazer thinking they were a set? LOTS. Best spare yourself the trouble.

boohoo plus size work style monochrome outfit-4 boohoo plus size work style monochrome outfit-8boohoo plus size work style monochrome outfit-5

Sorry team, all items are from my wardrobe and have sold out.

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