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My plans for the weekend started Thursday night and didn’t stop until we arrived home Sunday night a little bit exhausted. It was, of course, the best of weekends. When it comes to my weekend wardrobe I like to wear all the things that being in a corporate environment four days a week doesn’t allow much room for. I like embellished, too short, textured and fun. I like all the things and expressing myself freely. And when the weather turns chilly I like big boots layered with leggings, tunics, jackets and sometimes even scarves.

Which is exactly what I wore Sunday. I had a very special Sunday session in mind.

I kicked back on Desiree’s couch Sunday afternoon, toasting to a speedy recovery listening to seventies tunes as her kids whirled around us vying for the attention of their mother and her guests. We weren’t the only ones. Her husband was cooking and the smells would come in waves pushed and fanned by the movement of the kids. Soon dinner was served, gravy mopped up with roasted vegetables and hearty agreement that dinner was the best. So good. Yum. It was a low-key Sunday session but one I wouldn’t have traded for any number of visits to the local for music and some beverages.

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If you are like me and you like to get dressed and out the door quickly you need to invest a little in a great base like the tunic, leggings {jeggings or jeans} and boots. There are so many combinations of this that work and it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your plans. Add a couple of layers and you are deep winter ready. Lighten the layers up with lightweight fabrics and sleeveless tops and you can wear this look almost year round. Almost, my northern neighbours may disagree but this is one plan fits ‘most’. Haha.

For me investing in some great boots you will wear year after year is a must. A nice dense pair of leggings, an easy pair of jeans or jeggings are great to have on hand too. Then start to look for jumpers or tunics that are at least long enough to cover your butt and the look is practically done. I’ve worn this exact outfit before with a different jacket. A floral bomber jacket actually. And it works. Give it a try {if you don’t already} and let me know how you go. I’ve got my money on you loving this fast, easy look.

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Jacket – Ashley Stewart via Curvy Cartel {size 20/22}
Touch the Stars Longline Tunic – 17 Sundays {size 20 – gifted}
Leggings – Emerson for BigW {size 18}
Boots – Autograph Fashion {similar}


What’s your go to easy, comfy, cosy style? 


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