I said to Desiree yesterday, today I feel like I suck at life. Lots to do, people to see, deadlines to meet and all of them whizzing by my head like something resembling a comet or something. Santa’s sleigh perhaps? The house is quiet for a moment. I’ve dug out these photos from last week and I’m all set to share them. It’s Friday already and I’m away this weekend. I must get some work done now!

Tis the season I suppose. Tis the season to dress in sequins and head out for dinner with people. Tis the season for sunglasses in the early afternoon because your eyes are tired. Tired because sleep would be nice, but it doesn’t come. Thank goodness for sequins is all I’ll say. Thank goodness for old favourite dresses that you know you can wear, they love you {as in, it is comfortable too} and they look great.

You just can’t argue with a simple black dress, some sparkles and some pumps for automatic Christmas glam. Given I was wearing a sequin bolero, I didn’t add any jewellery. I sort of wished I had when the jacket had to come off as the drinks flowed, the people piled in and the evening warmth settled in. So remember that ladies. If your bling is removable, it might be worth wearing something around your neck just in case.

Just a quick reminder about sizing in this dress. I’m wearing a size 18. I’m normally a 20/22. I wanted it to be fitted and it is {especially at the start of an evening}. It does give a little so consider that when purchasing. Buy a size smaller than normal for a slimline look. Buy your regular size for a look similar to the website model with the larger, looser look perfect for belting.

Sequin Bolero – Bellecurve at Target {gifted}
Future’s so bright Dress – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Sunglasses and Cap Toe Heels – Emerson for Big W {not online}


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