Now everyone laughs when I say this but around here it’s been COLD. Sure you’re all doubtful due to my serious lack of stockings with my skater skirts but it has been. Overnight and in the wee hours of the morning it’s gets really chilly here. Like minus four and five degrees chilly. I do love my boots and the opportunity to layer textures like chunky knits, the warmth of scarves and the smooth, lush feel of leather. I love all that. But the novelty after a week or two of such things has well and truly worn off.

Isn’t that lame?

But what can I say I’m a summer kid. When the sun is out, there’s sweat on my brow and the at the end of the day colour in my cheeks then I’m happy. Hours in the ocean, drinks with too much ice and lazy afternoons that turn into night. That’s my kinda thing. Winter and I are like acquaintances more than anything. Especially since I moved my clothes into the robe room to the other end of my rather large house. Want to talk about big mistakes? Well this might be another one.

I wake day after day, prepare for work by showering and applying my face in my air-conditioned bedroom. When I’m happy, I peer out of the door wrapped in a towel or with a jumper thrown over my fresh smalls for the day. Into the open plan lounge, dining kitchen I go and it’s cooler than my room but not too bad. Hubby has the heating on on mornings like this.

But the hard part is yet to come. Stepping into the hallways. Stepping into the back of the house is like getting yourself locked in a commercial fridge on those really cold days. So with my slippers on my feet I hop from one leg to the other trying to keep warm while I decide what to wear. I chastise myself for moving my room, for not knowing what I want to wear, for still having to strip off and get my clothes on.

fml. You know fml, right? Well, that.

Then I remember this isn’t MY fault. This is winter’s fault. So I pull out a chunky knit or a winter weight blazer and remind myself that by 10am that cold feeling in my bones should have passed. And better yet in less than a month it will be all over. In less than a month life will warm up around here. That, my friends, is the advantage of living in sunny Queensland.

That and being cool from birth. Derr.  

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