Oh hey, team, as promised I’m back today with the first of some new outfit photos we managed to get photographed. Finally. I picked up a few items that have become wardrobe staples (and some that were sent and are so much fun!) and it’s time to share them. And after a number of unsuccessful attempts to get photos of what I’ve been wearing it actually happened. So for today’s post, I’m keeping it simple with a black maxi dress I bought from ASOS. Those with a super keen eye for such things might recognise the shape; I also have it in grey.

When something works, got with it, right?

Even in winter (our version, of course), it’s an easy layering item. I often pair it with my sneakers or slides, a jacket or throw. I really love it with a longline cardigan, it all feels really sweeping and dramatic. And, as is usually my style, super comfortable and easy to wear. If you’ve spotted me at my local cafe lately, I was probably wearing this. In fact, if you’re my mailman and you showed up to my house, you’ve seen me in this. A couple of times, I’ve worn it to bed. You just can’t argue with that for comfort.

And when you’re running around after your the Mr for a weekend in search of storage drives and power packs and USB drives for the car, well you need to be comfortable. After four coffees, three different overcrowded carparks and a breakfast that could only be described as hollandaisey, we finished our chores and came home. Where I promptly fell asleep on the couch to the comforting sounds of YouTube tutorials. I’m working under the delusion that if I listen to them while I sleep I’ll learn more.

It’s a thing, promise.

I slept for a while until the cold of the afternoon and the crashing thud of freshly cut firewood being dropped on the back verandah woke me. It was practically magical. A slow evening around the fire watching movies with Kel followed (make sure you watch Bridges of Spies, so good) and before I knew it it was Monday again. Weekends, days, and hours seem to fly past. I don’t know where the time is going. But I know that for once I’ve settled in, comfy maxi and all, and I’m determined not to miss one bit.

Wearing Universal Standard Meridan Zip Pullover (L – gifted), ASOS Curve Tank Maxi Dress (similar) and Target Australia Slides. 

And I just realised I didn’t talk about this ‘pullover’ from Universal Standard. I talked about it in the “Brand Crush” post (a little) but if you have any other questions about fit or anything, let me know in the comments (yes, we can still talk there despite all the millions of social media options, haha). Have a great week, team. I hope the start hasn’t treated you too badly.

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