Bought to you by Universal Standard’s Universal Fit Library.

Ladies, meet someone who has become very special to me, Universal Standard. The love affair with them started when I came across their Starter Kit idea. You purchase seven pieces, receive the eight for free and you can mix and match it into 20 looks! As someone who’s wardrobe often takes over and gets out of hand, this streamlined idea was so exciting.

I pinned every single one of their outfit ideas. 

Because of that, they’d been on my list to try for ages. But I was unsure of sizing (me, not them), plus I already possess a billion items of clothing and I’m easily distracted, so I’d never gotten around to trying them. So when they approached me to share their Universal Fit Library (more on that below) I was a wee bit excited! I’m not sure I’ve ever replied to an email faster or with more YAAAAAY/woo-girl than I did that one. Yeah, that happened.

So much for my cool AF exterior. 

The items I selected arrive soon after and well, here we are. Me calling them my newest brand crush and loving hard their clothes. Seriously. I’ve already started culling and selling items in my wardrobe to make room for more from this brand. They are beautifully made and have the modern, sporty vibe I adore. If you head to the site later, scroll through and tell me you couldn’t see me wearing any one of those items of clothing.

So, what did I get? 

The dress and top in this post are both the large (size 22/24). Given I’m a solid 24 at the moment, they are true to AU size. For once, I had a hard time choosing a colour. Their range is right up my ally with the black, white, grey and khaki. They have other colours, but can you imagine my struggle choosing between those!? Gosh.

I also requested this zip front pullover which I got in the khaki and IT IS spectacular! I want it in all the colours and I’ll donate everything else I own. You won’t believe the cut on these things until you put them on your body. That simple pullover got SO many compliments the first day I wore it to work; it was madness. I’ll post some pics soon, promise.

Wait, I’m fangirling, right? 

Now, the point of all this (I was getting there, sorry for the rambling delays). Let’s talk Universal Fit Library, shall we? Now, as someone who has recently changed sizes, when the team told me about their Universal Fit Library idea, I was hooked.

The idea is that if you buy an item from their core range and within the year it doesn’t fit send your item back to them and they replace it with the new one! Then, wait for it, they launder your returned item and donate it to a women’s charity for reuse. I mean, how awesome is that. If a possible change of size is holding you back from having clothes you love now, this might be worth a look.

Team meet Universal Standard - Suger Coat It Team meet Universal Standard - Suger Coat It Team meet Universal Standard - Suger Coat It

Wearing Geneva Dress (Grey – Large 22/24) over Rhine Color Block Cuff Top (black/white – Large) with New Balance joggers.

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