This little white dress, perfect for spring/summer, arrived just before I left for Melbourne and I optimistically put it in my bag. I always seem to bring the unseasonably warm days to Melbourne; maybe, this time, would be the same, and I’d need a warm weather option. It wasn’t. We had cool weather for once.


But that meant this dress never saw the light of day. It peeked longingly, but it was never to be. So home it came again and the moment finally arrived in the shape of Father’s Day dinner with the family. Easy to wear, only slightly risky given the presence of my adorable niece and nephews, and on a warm enough Sunday afternoon that it was all systems go. Even if what’s left of my tan wasn’t playing.

Don’t lecture me about tans/tanning team; I know I know, but I love being outside in the sunshine and it sort of just happens. Vitamin D, it calls to me. Think of my lathered in sunscreen next time I say it, because, after decades outside, I’m finally in a place where I’m pretty good with such things.


White dresses, get on board. You need one in your life, especially a little one. A flippy skirt one. A faux turtleneck, sleeveless one. Hello 90’s girl, welcome back. Don’t you think? After all, that’s what Napisan was invented for, right? I know a lot of you ladies aren’t too keen on the white items, but trust me, like white sheets it really is the way to go if you’re prone to a bit of spillage. Haha.

Also, while we are here, check out the new shoes from City Chic. How great are they? Desiree had grabbed a couple of pairs before our trip to Melbourne, and as soon as I got home (and some money landed in my account), I ordered a pair. I’m wearing the 42, I’m an AU11 and sometimes a pretty full 11, and they are a great fit. I’ve been wearing them since they arrived, including to work, which is a testament to their wearability. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

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Wearing 17 Sundays Back Beat Jacquard Knit, ASOS White Swing Dress {sold out, try these} and City Chic Monique Platform Heel.  

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All a plus size woman REALLY needs is a little white dress |
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