This pretty darn impressive skirt has been hanging over the back of my office chair for weeks now. Taunting me. Mr Suger hasn’t been around to grab any photos and I wanted to be sure to do it justice so I’ve been gazing longingly at it, unworn and lonely. It’s time finally came! Paired with simple black to let the subtle pattern and colour of the skirt standout, I was all set for some pics.

And boy oh boy. He nailed it. But let’s not tell him, that dude’s head is the size of a house from all the blog photo compliments he has been getting lately. Lucky he’s cute, even with a giant head. These pics perfectly capture the almost letterpress pattern of the material and the richness of the maroon of the skirt. Perfect.

Now, I bet you’re curious about the skirt itself. Well, it’s looong. Really it is. It’s midi length on me and I’m wearing it just below my natural waistline {about an inch and a half below the belt}. It’s the sort of a pencil skirt that you could wear to work with a blouse just as easily as you could wear it with a bodysuit out on the town. Though the straight line of it gives me one heck of a belly line so that might not be an option for everyone. I’m thinking a leather peplum top would work too.

But you came because you want to win one, right? Well, hop to it. The widget is at the end of the post. Good luck!

The Hope & Harvest Y.O.L.O. Skirt is available now.

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