Are we ready to rumble? Wide fit boots, that are both cool and suitable for the plus-size customer? I thought you might be. Of course, you are, with winter is around the (okay, maybe a couple of) corners and I don’t know about you, but it’s about that time I start to hunt for boots! Ankle boots, knee-high boots, heck this year, even over the knee boots. I’m ready. Are you ready for boots season?

If you’re keen to check out how I wear boots, including some outfit inspiration from the blog, I created a couple of posts for boots week a while ago. There are posts about how I wear ankle boots and the one where I talk about wearing knee-high boots, as well. Easy peasy. Now that that’s sorted, let’s talk what I’m planning for in 2017, boots-wise.


What I’m into for 2017


Okay team, for me this year it’s all about the over the knee boot. I want them. I’m eyeballing them everywhere. I just want to buy them all, never mind the fact we have winter for like a month here. I’m team boots. But then you knew that. This over the knee obsession comes from this clear visual I have of me in a knit mini, over the knee boots and soft trench. I cannot get it out of my mind.

And, of course, there are ankle boots in my future. The grey heeled ones from City Chic (four) in particular. I don’t need a lot when it comes to shoes. I want some heeled black ones too and I’m done. After all, these days, I’m more of a sneakers kind of girl anyway. Lucky for me, I don’t really have to choose! My style works with both.


Ready. Steady. Shop wide fit boots.


Where to buy wide fit boots - shop the style - Suger Coat It

One. Over the knee wedge boot | Two. Buckle detail Ankle Boot

Three. Wedge knee boots | Four. Simple heeled ankle boot

Five. Simple knee-high boot | Six. Cut out ankle boot

Seven. Leather Wedge Boot | Eight. Peep toe detail ankle boot

Nine. Over the knee lace-up detail boot | Ten. Leather buckle detail ankle boot


Don’t forget to search the blog for the wide fit boots posts from previous years. Most of them link to the online store so the links will still be relevant. Plus, you get to check out how I used to layout these posts. Haha. Flashback moment. Happy shopping team, let me know how you go.

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