For all girls, the little black dress is a wardrobe staple. But for me, as a plus size girl, the plus-size LBD is waaaay essential. It’s got to be short, a wee bit flirty and classic. THAT is what I’m after. Something with a good solid fabric, that moves with me and can be worn anywhere from work to a cocktail party. That, after all, is the power of the little black dress.

I know some of you out there are still getting on board with the whole dress thing. So, to consider a little black dress makes you a wee bit nervous. Don’t be. There is a range of choices available on the market and something for everyone.  just take a look at the beauties I’ve found for you. Lots of link loving today folks. Lots!


ASOS Curve & Inspire +

Easily the most fashion-forward and on-trend of the batch, ASOS Curve as always delivers the plus-size shopper plenty of bang for her shopping buck. A large selection, itty bitty hemlines and ballsy dresses akin to those offered to our smaller counterparts. This is the one-stop-shop for all things frivolous and fun. Think of the dresses here as the kid sister of the dress word, they are young, fun and just a little bit unruly. Shop ASOS Curve now.


City Chic

The little black dress was actually how I first came across City Chic. I was looking for a plus size LBD for my brother’s wedding and my cousin told me to check it out. At this point, there was a store in Chermside here in Brisbane and that was it. Not having had experience with the brand I didn’t want to buy online. But I was SO impressed by the range of ‘party’ dresses that were on offer they had me at hello, so to speak. With black being the colour du jour this year, there are little black dresses as far as the eye can see. Shop City Chic online here.


little black dress the iconic curvy

The Iconic

Last but not least this stylish selection of brands featured at The Iconic will cover all the bases. With a large array of sizes, prices and styles this may just be the easiest shopping experience you’ve had online. Choose your plus size LBD from the fresh and funky 17 Sundays or go upper up-market with a bejewelled classic. With something for everyone, if it’s a little black dress you’re after, you’ll get one here. Shop these brands and more at The Iconic.




What’s your little black dress style? Short and flirty, slinky and sexy or classic and elegant?

And that my friends are the wrap up of where to buy plus size LBD {little black dresses}. The great part about the little black dress is that most ranges have them in varying degree of awesome. All the very best to you all. Happy shopping!

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