Welcome plus size bodycon shoppers! You’ve come to the right place, but first, there’s something I want to say. Wearing a bodycon dress when you’re a fat woman takes a certain amount of stubbornness. Firstly, that you can wear what you want and who cares what other people think. But secondly, because finding the perfect combination of fit and stretch and oomph can be impossible.

That’s where I come in.

Whether you wear them out and proud or layer them, I’m telling you now that you NEED a bodycon dress in your life. Don’t believe me? Today I’ve included a few links to past outfits for some ideas. The gallery is at the bottom of this post, just click the image to view that post. Want to just scroll through at your own pace, check out my outfits gallery.

Bring on the bodycon goodness!

The other thing that I wanted to squash before we started was that little voice that says you must have a flat stomach, a bubble butt and perky, perfect boobs to wear bodycon. Which, even as I type that out, I think you get where I’m going with this? Just do it. If you like it and you think it’s something you’d like to give a try. Then, my dear delightful friend, do it!

Where to buy plus size bodycon dresses.

where to buy plus size - suger coat it

Where to Buy Plus Size Bodycon Dresses - Suger Coat It

One ASOS Curve V-Neck Midi Dress | Two Rebdolls Essential Tank – Maxi
Three Redbolls Essential Tank – Midi  | Four Rebdolls Essential Tank – Mini
Five ASOS Curve Strappy Front Dress  | Six Rebdolls The Union Dress
Seven ASOS Curve Shoulder Pad Mini | Eight City Chic Corset Body Con
Nine Chunky Knit Midi Length Bodycon  | Ten One Shoulder Ruffle Bodycon
Eleven Block Party Midi Dress  | Twelve Colour Block Midi Bodycon

where to buy plus size - suger coat it

There you go, team. Get out there and squish yourself into something slinky and enjoy it. Because for all the angst and drama over whether someone will see your stomach or not (spoiler, they will) bodycon dresses are SUPER comfortable. Get on board. Give it a try, I promise, you’re going to thank me.

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