It’s a search as long as time itself; where to buy plus-size activewear! After all, society is just desperate for fat women not to be fat anymore; there must be a HUGE range of plus-size activewear and gym clothing options out there, right? Well, let’s say that things are looking better than they used to when I first published this post in 2014 with multiple lifestyle brands featured because they stocked items resembling something you would want to work out in. The good news is that NOW this post will give you a good rundown of activewear specific brands, made for people ranging in size from an AU 8 to an AU28. Let’s get started.


Where to buy plus-size activewear, let’s go!


Taking Shape Activewear - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It

Taking Shape

My first love when it came to work-out clothing. I wore their leggings or shirts ALL the time, my sister had the tank tops; we love them. I look forward to adding the crop to my collection and a tank or two and the cotton tee’s {which I wear for casual clothes as well as gym wear}. The really fun part is that every season they release some new colours and styles. Fun, fun! If you’re a size 12-24 there will be something to suit your workout style. Seriously. This is my work out brand. Full stop. Highly recommended. Shop the range online here. 

Active Truth Activewear - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It

Active Truth

A plus-size activewear brand started right here in sunny Brisbane, Queensland! They started their brand with a few prints and items and have grown season after season to be where they are now; as pone of the most recommended brands when I asked the team. Can’t argue with real-world experience and recommendations, right? Nadia & Stevie started Active Truth because they believe women deserve better from the activewear market. They were tired of buying tights online that turned out to be see-through or rolled down during a workout. They believe all women deserve stylish activewear that fits, flatters and supports. And are committed to using diverse women in our images — that we never, ever photoshop. They want women to look to Active Truth and see someone like her – happy, active, and looking and feeling amazing in her activewear. Shop the Active Truth range online here.


Hine Activewear - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It

Hine Collection

A new find, for me, thanks to the team on Facebook. And boy, am I glad they pointed me in this direction! Plus, I can’t wait to order some of their swimwear range (not what we’re talking about, but still) and their t-shirt dresses! But that aside, this is legitimate activewear, built for people who are here to get it done; I love that.

HINE had a humble beginning in 2018 when the founder Mīria started her own Hauora/health journey. She wanted to find nice activewear that could give her the confidence to rock up to the gym and feel good and look good. But got frustrated when she saw that activewear brands only went up to size 14. I thought that was harsh and unfair for women like her. Furthermore, she was concerned about the message that the industry was sending her people about body size, and the measurements they would need to have to wear the clothes they loved. Want more? Check the Hine Collection out online now (their Instagram is also worth a follow).


City Chic CCX Activewear - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It

City Chic

Australian brand City Chic is a one-stop-shop when it comes to plus0-size fashion and tends to show up on these lists time after time. And, for a good reason. They offer plenty of on-trend, quality plus-size activewear pieces that it’s possible to try on in-store (sometimes). Their CCX range is a great example of how they focus on collecting and delivering something that is missing for the customer.  I hadn’t looked into their range for activewear in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find a good range and reasonable sizing (offered to an AU22 mostly, some extended AU24 sizing). Well worth a look, shop the City Chic CCX Collection online here.


Rainbeau Curves Activewear - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It

Rainbeau Curves

Another brand that had many raving fans on Facebook is Rainbeau Curves. They tell me that the leggings are easy to wear, look great, and the service from their US base is great! Founded and based in San Francisco, Rainbeau is a family-owned business that has embraced the California active lifestyle for over 30 years. When spandex was introduced in the 1980s, Rainbeau was one of the first pioneers who realised its clothing potential. The stretch and comfort of spandex supported freedom of movement during all active endeavours. Today, Rainbeau continues to be a respected and innovative manufacturer of activewear and dance apparel for women and girls across the US and the world. Rainbeau Curves is committed to creating fashionable clothing that keeps up with a woman’s active lifestyle and flatters a fuller figure. Shop the range online now on their website.


Exoticathletica Activewear - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It


If you’re on Facebook occasionally, you will have seen the marketing for this shooting star brand! With a bunch of loyal followers, many of you are among them, they are serving up a range of plus-size activewear, and other lounge inspired pieces based on their bold prints and expansive selection of colours, styles and fits. Having never worn their items myself, they grabbed my interest with their try-on videos and short stories. But I’m excited to include them because you guys love them and even looking at their website makes me excited. I loved what they said on their about page so I thought I’d share it here.

For so long women have been programmed to think that being strong and powerful is masculine, that being sexy and sensual is too provocative, and being emotional is a weakness. And even today these residual beliefs are still influencing women the world over and steering them off course from where they need to be. Somewhere along our journey, we seem to get lost. We seem to lose our natural born instincts and end up trying to live up to someone else’s title for us, whether this is wife, mother, grandmother or daughter, and we seem to forget to stop and think about what we actually are to ourselves. Shop the Exoticatheltica range online here.


ASOS Curve Brand - Plus Size Activewear - Suger Coat It

Kmart, Target, ASOS and Big W

Now, let’s talk about the classics, the old favourites, and the reliable providers of plus-size activewear out there. Some of the brands that came up repeatedly were the Michelle Bridges line at Big W, the house brands for Kmart and Target with their cheap and cheerful basics or brands like Nike Woman and Reebok available online at ASOS. Who also have a great in-house range at a more affordable price point. Whether you’re shopping online or, in some cases, buying in-store, we all swear by the basics that their stores offer. Especially if you’re on a budget or are finding that your body is changing rapidly for whatever reason.


Baseline by Ashy Bines - Plus Size Selections


Baseline is the creation of fitness influencer Ashy Bines. Initially, this range only crossed my radar when my cousin, a long term follower of Bines, bought some items from the range. I assumed they didn’t offer plus-sizes. But I was wrong, they are offering up to a 4XL in some items, more items are frequently available to a 3XL. Recently tried that 3XL and as an AU24 right now, most were too small. I loved the range though, and I live in the Baseline tee pictured. Check the size chart, which would be my hot tip, and learn from me and my assumptions. Haha.  Shop Baseline online now.


Curve Boss Australia

Launched in June 2019, Curve Boss Australia is an activewear range that offers a size range from AU sizes 16 to 30. Yup, you read that right and I’m so delighted to see a range offer such diversity in their sizing and styles. If you need items jackets, leggings or comfortable, casual t-shirts, they offer all of those. Plus, I plan to feature them in an upcoming post about crop tops (soft bras). Get over there and shop the Curve Boss Australia range online now.



And that completes my wrap up for activewear recommendations. Some great Aussie brands are doing some awesome things. I hope to see expansions in all the ranges to larger sizes and really encourage all woman, no matter their size to get active and get excited.  And sports bras, don’t even get me started on sports bras. However, Virtu’s recent addition of the crop top had me dancing around my living room. A step in the right direction for sure. Watch this space; I think there will be lots of great things coming up in this market. And of course, I’ll keep you posted.


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Where to Buy Plus Size Activewear - 2021 Update - Suger Coat It

Where to Buy Plus Size Activewear - 2021 Update - Suger Coat It

Where to Buy Plus Size Activewear - 2021 Update - Suger Coat It


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