Been a while since an outfit post, right, team? Today, let’s make up for that with not one, not even TWO, but FOUR outfits as shown on my plus size body, that even includes some new season stuff. I mean, what’s not to love about that? If you follow my Instagram (if not, gosh, why not?) then you might have noticed the outfit post start to make it’s way back into the roster.

Which is good news, I’d missed it and I think you guys had too.

So, on this path to resuming the usual order of things, I thought this composite post might come in handy. There are some links, some extra photos where I had them, and the initial Instagram post in case you missed it. Sounds like a plan, right? Let’s get started with this week’s ‘What I’m Wearing Wrap Up’ (say that three times fast?).



On the ‘Gram #sugersoutfit


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Shall we take a moment to talk about tucked in shirts? I know for some of you, even seeing a full tuck is going to trigger some visible belly trauma; I’m sorry about that but it has to be done. Why? Because the tuck is a pretty fun way to mix an outfit up. This top is cute but tucked in it’s even better. It’s all put together casual instead of my usual thrown together. Haha. And before I go, you should know that no matter what you’re allowed to have a stomach. Forget what someone has said to you in past or how you feel about your stomach in general, time to get on board with having a real life body that’s not some photoshop generated b.s. Trust me; you’ll thank me for this little pep talk, life’s so much easier if you’re not trying to hide your ‘flaws’ every damn second. #mybodypositive #sugersoutfit

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Wearing ASOS Curve Ridley Skinny Jeans (AU24) and Vero Moda Curve Top (AU24)



17 Sundays have this striped duster knit in a grey/black colourway this season.



Wearing 17 Sundays Snow Wash Moto Jacket, ASOS Curve Cropped Pants, and basic tee (out of stock). 



(Gifted) 17 Sundays Confetti Print Dress (also in black colourway) and City Chic Boots (similar style)



The end. Let me know if this is something that you’re interested in seeing (the links and stuff could be handy, right?) let me know. I’d like to get back to full outfit posts, but grabbing photo sets can be hard sometimes. Until then, let’s live that Insta-life.

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