The week I got home from Melbourne I felt like rubbish. Months, literally, of late nights, partying, eating poorly and little to no exercise had caught up with me and I was wrecked. It took me a while to acknowledge that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t doing what I know to do to keep myself running at my best. So, I started an exercise and eating plan.

Some people, they would call it a diet.


Especially from those who just weeks before listened to the SUGER+INK episode where I proudly declared myself a diet industry drop out. Not for me, I adamantly said. And I stand by that. But how, right? How can mere semantics declare that this is a diet, indicative of an industry that has profited off the bullshit message served to women for decades, over a not-diet “plan”.

Well, my friends, words have power, that’s how.

Diets don’t work. They literally don’t work. The proof is in the multi-million dollar, fat-free, chemical ridden pudding. So when I tell you I’m not dieting, I’m not because I say I’m not. The plan I am on has rules (no booze, less coffee, more greens) I refuse to let it rule my life or emotions and I refuse to not be flexible with those rules. Because this isn’t crime and punishment, this isn’t about forcing my body to change, this is about loving it and supporting it to support me.

And that’s about all I’ll say about it. Because let’s face it, it’s really not that interesting. You know I’m into spinach, nothing to see here people. Moving along. 

There is a conversation happening on the interwebs at the moment about the conflicts between dieting, losing weight and being body positive. Heck, I’ve added to that conversation myself. It’s a complicated, continually discussed, type conversation akin to the should feminists wear makeup/bras/participate in patriarchal ideas. It’s interesting but we need to be careful to support each other’s choices when it comes to their body.

Always. Every single time.

So yes, while I agree that there are lines to be crossed from body positive to body shaming in weight loss and dieting conversations, it is your right, and mine, to have them. It is my right, if it happens, to lose weight in the quest for my own version of well-being. And it’s my right, and yours, not to.

There is a chance that I will lose weight. The way I was living previously caused enough bloating (hello diet of salt and champagne) that it would be impossible not to. Probably. But is my life going to end and the world stop if I don’t? Nope. Is it even really the focus? No, I weighed myself at one stage, I’m sure I’ll do it again. BUT I want to FEEL good. I want my body to wake fresh in the morning and sleep soundly at night.

I want good things for my body because I love it.

And when I say that I’m one hundred percent committed to people, myself included, being happy and at home in their bodies, I am. Because my body was angry at me, it was tired and at serious risk of breaking down. Don’t you think that it’s body positive to listen to that? I think so. I think if your body is giving you a cue to do ANYTHING that you’re ignoring, then you are on a dangerous road.

So there it is, my friends, my thoughts on such things. Are you interested in hearing more on this subject, I’d love to hear if I’m fulfilling a need here? I can’t guarantee if you’re not interested I’d stop talking, but well, you wouldn’t have excepted it any other way. Haha. Body love, dieting, and weight loss, let’s talk about it.

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