Mr Suger leaned in, moving forward to run the scratchy palm of his hand along the sleeve of my top (dress). There’s so many different things to touch, he said grinning like a goof-ball. And that my friends is when I knew this post was to be about texture, mixing textures and how monochrome needn’t be boring.

First can we talk about this Yours Clothing skirt? Sure we can, this is my blog and I do what I want. Haha. It has this great waffle texture that is gorgeous and a fullness to it that I love. It’s a shape I hadn’t planned incorporating so heavily into my wardrobe, but after a couple of weddings the style has really grabbed me.

With the skirt in play, I added the jacket, also sent to my by Yours Clothing. A easy to wear, pleather jacket that is light enough to throw on but that will keep me warm when my home town does it’s thing and tries to freeze me. The textured quilting on the jacket is everything. Textured layer two, added.

To top it off and finish the oh-so-touchable combo, I added the never fails me, shine bright dress from Harlow Australia. One of the first items I ever received from the brands and easily my favourites. Everyone that knows me has seen me in this dress for occasions from date night all the way through to my cousin’s hens party.

Touchable, super sexy and comfortable enough to trick your brain into thinking you’re wearing a t-shirt. Win. Triple win. Sorry you can’t buy it any more, maybe keep an eye out online for one second hand. You won’t regret it.

WEARING: Jacket and skirt from Yours Clothing UK {gifted}
Dress from Harlow (worn as top – sold out) and ankle boots from New Look via ASOS. 

When it comes to texture the layers are interesting, something soft against something shiny, against something course to the touch. It’s fun. It adds interest where the simple, untextured versions of the items would’ve been good, but all together now, they’re great. Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll find you’ll love it too. Already a texture pro? Give me your best tip.

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