The flush of new season winter 2014 items hit me like a sugar rush. I got all jumpy and excited. A little bit out of control. I plotted and planned hunched over the laptop poring over styles coming to a store near me! But how, when the temperatures are still HOT do you take advantage of the items you’ve purchased for winter 2014 now? Or any other trans-season type change. Without waiting. Because no one like waiting. I have a few ideas, tricks and tips. And I’d love to hear yours!

Those of you in far North Queensland and other such tropical locations stop laughing and look away now. Go back to wearing your swimmers and laying in front of the air-con with a wet washer. Nothing to see here people! Haha.

Right so you’re staring down the barrel of some knits, jeans, maybe a jacket or two. What now? Well you start by wearing them separately. You’re never going to be able to wear the knit, the jacket AND the jeans at once at this time of year. Light and easy layers are the key to enjoying your new purchases now. Take the jeans and layer with a tank and lightweight kimono jacket. Done. Take the jacket and throw it over your shoulder with a fresh summer dress underneath. Done. And those knits, well wear them somewhere air-conditioned or without a secondary layer under them and hope for the best.

When it’s warm keep the shoes open to keep the look weather appropriate, this makes it easy to transition those pants or jeans you just couldn’t WAIT to wear. Even cuff the hem of the pants for a more casual, autumn I’m not freezing my butt off here yet, feel. Another trick that works is to keep accompanying items in colours like pale pastels or light naturals. We all associate winter with a darker jewel tones so save them for closer to the big day and keep it light now.

But you guys want illustrations, right!? Something to make it clear what I’m on about. Some great inbetween season fashion from bloggers and brands. You’re welcome.

How to wear your new season items now.jpg

Top: Nicolette, Copenhagen Curves, Me
Middle: ASOS, Alice, ASOS
Bottom: Curves & Curls, 17 Sundays, Curvy Cartel


So are you feeling a little more ready to tackle those inbetweenie seasons now? Go get ’em Tiger. 

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