I lamented my lack of winter boots, knee-high boots, in particular, were a significant missing, but I stumbled, entirely by accident, I promise, over a 40% off sale at Autograph. Now I love their boots. I’ve been wearing them year after year since they first introduce the black leather riding boot. Easy to wear, always comfortable and cost per wear is ridiculously good.

So I bought two pairs.

To be honest, I could have easier bought three or four. Maybe I will later. But for now, I have a Maroon Suede flat pair and a heeled black leather pair. Yum yum. I feel like my poor sneakers might finally get a break as I slip into my first new boots of the season. It was time for the boots outfits to start flowing!

There have been some questions come through about boots and how to wear them as a plus-size woman. So as promised, on Facebook last week, I’ve decided to offer a few suggestions for those wanting to get on board the look and for those who HAVE the boots but never wear them. Wasteful team, let’s get you into those boots.

I started writing about it, collecting some photos and shopping links (yay) and I realised there are two types of boots to cover here so I’m going to break it down into a knee-high boots and an ankle boots post. This is the knee-high boots post. The ankle boots one will be out later this week. If you’re interested in thigh-high boots, they’ll be mentioned here. And if you’re interested in calf height boots, they’ll be a part of the ankle boots post.

Housekeeping over with, are you ready!?

How I Wear Knee High Boots as a Plus-Size Woman


There are two primary ways that I wear my knee-high boots; with jeans and with skirts or dresses. Opposite ends of the spectrum for sure, but both as easy to pull off a casual vibe to match a flat boot, or amp things up a little with a heeled knee-high boot. I’ve outlined both below with a few examples from the blog. Given my recent purchases, keep your eyes peeled for my newer boots to be on the blog soon for more outfit ideas.


Knee High Boots and Jeans


With jeans, it’s always classic to wear them over a slim fit jean. And when I say slim fit, I mean it. Any extra bulk around your knees and thighs looks slouchy and not in a good way. It’s why a lot of plus women don’t find it a ‘flattering’ look. Extra fabric bunching up everywhere is never a good look. Slim fit is best. Try leggings if you just can’t find jeans that work.

You’ll see from the examples that by laying some simple pieces together, the result is a classic, easy to wear style. I can’t go past a long line jumper over jeans with boots, mmmm winter awesomeness.



Knee High Boots with Skirts or Dresses


Knee, high boots with skirts and dresses, are one of my favourite, easy to wear, looks good every time, simple outfits. I love pairing a simple dress with knee-high boots when the weather gets chilly. Throw on a jacket or long cardigan and I’m set. It’s a go-to style that you’ll see replayed over and over on my Instagram outfits hashtag. You’ll have to go back to last winter; we haven’t had much cold weather until now. https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/sugersoutfit/

My tips for making the boots and skirts work is that their boots should fit you well at the calves and ankles where possible. A lot of the plus brands have released boots with adjustable calf widths and elastic panels to cater for the larger variety of calf/ankle widths, so keep trying until you find one that works. As you can see from my boots, I always have a little bit of slouch at the ankle where the boot is loose, but this can’t be helped, so I wear them anyway. So don’t let that stop you!

I love a shorter length skirt with knee-high boots in a flirty and fun way. But I can’t ignore the midi skirt either; it’s got a classic, chic look about it that I love. Especially with a heeled boot. Find a skirt length that suits YOUR body type. The best way to test this out is by trying. Put on your boots, get in front of a mirror and try on one of everything. Haha. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll be one step closer to rocking those boots with new, maybe unexpected, items from your existing wardrobe.



There you go team; that should get you started. If you’ve got a post, a photo or an Instagram that you want to share with us, we’d love to see you rocking your knee-high boots. Add them to the comments and let’s get a gallery going.

Happy boot weather team!

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