Most people I know have a go to song, a time-out trick that relaxes them. Something even that helps them drift off to sleep peacefully and without a care in the world. Whales sounds, the rolling waves of the ocean or babbling rainforest streams. All perfectly reasonable ways to relax. If there was a survey they would be on the list along with bubble baths, blowing of steam with mates and massages.

Me? I watch the Hunger Games movies.

Yup. I’m a total weirdo, and it hadn’t even occurred to me how weird until I was asking searching high and low for my DVD set while Mr Suger watched on from the couch. I need to find it, I said, I was going to put it on while I worked tonight. Where IS it? He was no help at all. He sat watching from the couch as I torn apart cupboards and storage boxes assuming I’d ‘filed it’ somewhere safe.

Don’t you think its weird, he said, that you find a movie about a place that will offer up children to be killed by other children soothing? Do you have any idea how creepy that is..? And I do. Sort of. When you put it like that… But except for all the screams and occasional explosions it’s quiet, the music is soothing, the tones are soft and lovely. Until they aren’t, you know. I’m not explaining this well at all. I’m not sure I can explain it.

It’s especially hard given that the books left me traumatised for months afterwards. I would dream of the final chapters, combining my family with the characters of the books and awake heart pumping from the horror of it. A society like that, it’s hard to imagine but so close when you consider the atrocities committed around the world every day. Why not offer up children, why not starve some for the benefit of a few…

Oh wait.

Mr Suger was right. It’s weird, and it’s creepy and it’s sad. It reminds me of all there is to do in the world when I think about it… I can’t say that I’m going to give it up though. I blame Jennifer Lawrence and those ridiculous cheekbones. Yeah. Let’s blame her. It’s not me at all. Maybe I should switch to ocean sounds or something more normal. Less killing of children, you know? *awkward face*

Do you do something that could be considered a little bit weird to relax?

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