I don’t iron. Literally. We don’t even have one in our house. Those of you who have followed the blog for a while won’t be overly surprised. And because of this, I have built a wash and wear wardrobe by actively looking for clothes that wash and wear well. This is the most efficient use of my wardrobe space.

I’m guilty of wearing super iron-able things once and basically relegating them to the back of my wardrobe for the creases to ‘drop out’. Some never see the light of day again. Some creases just don’t ‘drop out’ no matter how long you wait. Wasteful, I know.


Where do I start?


When you first start out building a wash and wear wardrobe you want to take a look at what you have and what is going and what will stay. I have items in my wardrobe that need an iron like you need water in the desert, but I know they’ll need to be ironed (thanks, sis!) before they are returned to my wardrobe. They just aren’t staples for me in the way something easier is.

Then, I stopped buying things that needed intense ironing whenever possible. In plus, it can be nerve-wracking to reduce your options further than they already are, but I know me. I know that I won’t wear them if they are too high maintenance. It won’t matter how much I love them, it just never works out.


Get building that wash and wear wardrobe!


For me, it started choosing pieces I knew were low maintenance. Fabrics with a bit of stretch, fabrics that don’t crush (sorry linen, I love you, but not THAT much). Take a look at your laundry basket, what are the clothes that are always in there? Is there something that would add to this selection? What is missing to really make those items WORK?

Over time, knowing where my weaknesses lie, I’ve put together a collection of clothes that I can wear for work or play that are wash and wear. Simple pieces that you could incorporate into any wardrobe to add a bit of oomph. And you can do it too. My style is very casual, the denim and the loose fitting silhouette are essentials. Maybe for you, it’s jersey pencil skirts and cute preppy sweaters or layers of sleek bodycon like a Kardashian. Find your style and look for the low-maintenance version of it.


Shop wash and wear plus size fashion. You’re welcome.  


Are you ready to get started? Well, if you’ve admired the grey maxi dress I’ve worn on the blog and Instagram, I found a new season version! If the miracle dress is your thing, there’s one there too. Plus, 17 Sundays rereleased the kimono style jacket that I throw on over my basics all the time in khaki and black!

I tend to keep to black, white, grey and blue in my theming so that they all work together and with each other. Hence why this board is a bit heavy the same way. I’ve incorporated some items I’ve been eyeing off, and some that are new versions of clothes I wear now. If you’re just at the beginning of your ‘take it easy’ style evolution, this should get you started.


Building a Wash and Wear Wardrobe - Plus Size - Suger Coat It

One ASOS Denim Mini | Two ASOS Easy Singlet Maxi Dress |  Three Harlow Dinner Pant | Four PQ Collection Miracle Dress

Five 17 Sundays Jacket | Six Junarose Cardigan  |  Seven 17 Sundays Joggers | Eight ASOS Slouchy Tee

Nine Harlow Maxi Dress | Ten Target Basic V-Neck Tee  |  Eleven 17 Sundays Dress | Twelve Jersey Duster


My number one tip? Know yourself. Stop buying clothes for a life you don’t live. When you have a life filled with things to do, people to love, work to be done, kids to wrangle are you really going to have time to meticulously iron that blouse, those pants or jacket before you leave the house only to crush it in the car on the way somewhere? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Me either. Hard pass.


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How to build a wash and wear wardrobe - Suger Coat It


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