Ahh Instagram, how I love thee. I could spend hours and hours just flicking through the bright, bold, beautiful images there. Sure I love to see your dinner and your holiday snaps, but it’s the wow images I stay around for. The top Instagram accounts that inspire me. The sort of photos that you have to double tap immediately because they leap off the screen. The insane beauty of it.

Now this isn’t your usual list. This isn’t a compilation of my blog besties (though I can do that too if you’re interested?) and why you should follow them. These accounts are chosen specifically for their photography and the way their entire profile seamlessly comes together. I aspire to have an account like these filled with personality and punch. What can I say, I’m still learning. I’m more likely to post ALL the things! This sort of account takes restraint, skill, attention to detail.

Here is my round-up of the top Instagram accounts that inspire me to create better photos! Interested? Let’s take a look.

Bared Footwear Instagram Account

Bared Footwear

A brand page with a difference. The photos always remind me of home. Of summer days and ankle boots when things warm up. Light, bright and a beautiful addition to your Instagram feed. There’s something about images of sandals at the beach or poolside that calls to me. The wash of pastel and beautiful azure blues will refresh and revive your eyes every time.

How Two Live Instagram Account

How Two Live

Packed with awesome styling and adventures, How Two Live is a homage to the things that make these sisters tick. To be honest sometimes I feel like the older sister trying to hang out with the young cool kids, but that’s the joy of Instagram. They, and their audience, are non-the-wiser. I can old lady fan-girl all I like following their adventures and no one cares. Live vicariously via this account folks, it’s a goodie.

Fully Raw Kristina Instagram Account

Fully Raw Kristina

Even if you have no plans to now, or ever, be fully raw (as in food) this is still an account that will entice and inspire you to get those fruit and vegetable count up. With highly saturated images, her glowing smile and face, Kristina will make you smile with her images and cheerful message every time she pops up. Her YouTube channel is just as fun if you’ve got some time.

Motivated Type Instagram Account

Motivated Type

I first stumbled onto this account when I ordered some of their amazing prints on Etsy. I have 3 with loads more on my wish list (get the three for the price of two deal, it’s the best). It’s fun to see their awesome products in my daily feed to inspire and motivate me. They always seem to pop up with something fun when I need it. Well worth the follow.

Peggy Sass Instagram Account


Ok, so when I said that this didn’t include my blog besties, I might have made an exception for the always lovely PeggySass. Though to say bestie might be a bit stalker, she’s lovely and that’s about where our association ends. Haha. That’s not the point here though, is it? This account is jam packed with images of her food photography, cafe adventures and photography business. Perth lifestyle represented at its best. A sunny, joyful follow with photos that will always inspire you to do better.

Gabifresh Instagram Account


Gabi! Woot woo. If you’re a plus-blogger friend and you’re not following Gabi’s account then you are nuts. Take it from me, all fashionistas have a lot to gain from this personal, yet polished Instagram account. Recently the images from Palm Springs with their neon highlights and bright whites have been my favourites on all of Instagram. Interested in fashion, especially the street style variety with a dash of glam, then this is the account for you.

Bloom Box Co Instagram Account

Bloom Box Co

What’s not to love about an account filled to bursting with blooms. I’ve always loved fresh flowers. It’s probably one of those indulgences that would make its way onto a ‘dream life’ wish list. This is the Instagram version of such things. Get your bouquet delivered daily without the expense. All we are missing is smell-o-vision.

Emma Kate Co Instagram Account

Emma Kate Co

This account always takes my breath away. Pale, shimmering light and delicious food, coffee and design elements… What’s not to love!? I like to think my account could be like this one when I grow up. But with a little more fashion thrown in. I love the detail, the beauty in each and every photo and the way they all seamlessly work together on a the full view. Gorgeous.

The Maven Post Instagram Account

The Maven Post

This account inspires me because I have visions of my own monochrome account focused on delivering black, white and grey images filled with emotive lighting and drama. It turns out, I’m not actually willing to give up the colour of the ocean, the sparkle in my niece’s eye, the glitter of freshly poured champagne. So instead I follow this account and dream of such artsy perfection. Don’t worry, it’s personal too. Not distant and cold.


Oh and did I mention mine? It’s a little down on the content at the moment, especially on the light and bright side of things. Moving is hard. Back to work is hard. But this weekend I’m going to kick back and return to my summer. So be there or be square.

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