Today I tackle that pain in the butt job no one EVER wants to do. It’s the delayed spring clean. The we’ve been in this house for almost six years who owns all this crap spring clean. I have items stacked in wardrobes in all the bedrooms. The shelves are bursting. The cupboards barely shut. I can barely reach my desk in the office due to boxes of discarded clothing from my sister, mother and I.

The time has come and this holiday break {it’s almost over, how did THAT happen!} is my chance. I’ve committed to decluttering, organising and throwing away all the junk we don’t need. It’s time to simplify our lives, to cut the fat so to speak. And I’m ready. Hubby and his shed and garage, not so ready, but he’ll get on board, I’m sure. I’m wrapping all sorts of things up this holidays. It’s exciting!

Okay so it’s not exciting. It’s necessary and a pain in my butt. But it’s happening. The result will be worth the sweaty grossness that this time of year will make a given. Image rooms and rooms of space, no clutter, no junk. Can you just picture it? It’ll be five years until I have to do it again. That’s the really exciting part. Ha!

So wish me luck. Tell me to get off social media if you see me. Well, after I post a pic or two of my breakfast, you know how it is. Haha. Expect there to be some whinging. Are you cleaning out anything this year? This week even? Share the pain with me would you. We can be in this together.

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