First comes Christmas, then comes New Year’s Eve and then comes the season of body shame known as January/February. Festively plump from the seasons prior, and for me the six months prior to that, this year I was almost dragged into it. Almost. It’s a tricky little thing that body shame; it always finds a new angle to commence an attack. Especially when you’re down.

You see, I don’t feel good. What I’ve created for myself is a world of blah from poor choices. I changed jobs last year, took on the role that took up way more time than it first looked like it would. My routine went out the window, and we (Mr Suger is a little plump himself) let the things that matter to us slide. We let taking care of ourselves come so far down the list of priorities that it was barely an afterthought. My body deserves better care than that.

Do I want to nourish my body? Yes.

Feed it well, reduce the crap I’ve been eating, all that? Yes.

Do I want to lose some weight? Yes.

Do I want to get my body moving way more than it has been? Yes.

Do any of these things have to do with my body being something to be ashamed of as it is, this very moment, right now? NO.

No. No. No. NO.


And coming from a place and shame will never get you anywhere anyway. If you’re ashamed of your body, you’ll always be ashamed. You see it will never be perfect like you see in media because those images might as well be painted with acrylic and brushes. They aren’t real. You need to stop punishing your body for not being what you deem it necessary to be this year.

We all remember when thin was in, then came the muscles associated with proteins and lifting, what’s next nobody knows. You need to be at home in your body, be proud of all it does, how it looks NOW. And from there you will find that it’s a lot harder to fill it with soft drinks, fried carbs with a salt-laden topping or sugary crap. Harder to ignore it when it cries out to get moving. Much harder to fall into the traps that prey on our vulnerabilities.

When we approach our bodies with love and gratitude, we stand strong in health. In living well. In having a life, we love from the inside out. In the glow, you get from being active in the summer sunshine. The sparkle in your eyes from a clean system. The lightness of being guilt-free and enjoying all the flavours that life offers with balance.

Shame can’t give you any of that. So let it go.

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