Want to take part in a Team Suger Instagram challenge? With the launch of my new Suger’s Find Your Personal Style bundle (pre-sales happening here), I was hoping we could all get together and Instagram challenge! It’s something I plan to do in 2016, more than a few times a year, so we can tackle something in life that is bugging us. My next one might be smoothie related, what can I say, I have a lot of those recipes I could share. Haha.

Tackle your personal style in this Team Suger Style Challenge | Find out more at sugercoatit.com

So what is a Team Suger Instagram Challenge? Well, it’s as simple as grabbing the challenge list (it’s in jpg or pdf below) and on December 1st sharing your challenge photos to Instagram (or on my Facebook page if you don’t hang out on Instagram) showing the other ladies how YOU interpret the challenge. Easy peasy.

The challenge will run for a very doable 14 days! I know, it’;s perfect right. Not to short and not too long. The hashtags are #TeamSuger and #TeamSugerStyle because it’s the easiest to keep track of (and there’s no naked ladies on there… Yet). If you have a personal account and still want to share with me, you’re welcome to send me a DM. And I don’t just say that to anyone, BELIEVE ME. Haha. (cannot unsee..) Let’s hang out. Talk style, develop what we call our own personal style, and be inspired by the other ladies.

Tackle your personal style in this Team Suger Style Challenge | Find out more at sugercoatit.com

Join the challenge email list:

Join the Team Suger challenge email list and receive, for FREE, the Workbook I shared with participants of my Instagram Workshop earlier this year. How to win customer, not creep them out. You’re going to love this. It will give you a clear idea of where to go on your Instagram if you’re keen on developing either a personal or business brand.

Want the Instagram challenge list in PDF instead?

No problem at all, click right here and a new page will pop open. Let’s face it. Everyone love pdfs. And it’s A4 printable size, so hit print and put it somewhere you can see.

Want to pre-order the Style Bundle & receive my Instagram challenge notes?

As part of the Style Bundle I have incorporated some notes on how to navigate the challenges with ideas and suggestions for each of the prompts. You will receive this printable guide along with the rest of the Style Bundle documents on December 1st. Interested? Check out the bundle here, it’s a commit now, pay later sort of thing, so it won’t bite. Haha.

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