While the blog has been a little quiet of late, life, and all that jazz, I’ve been thinking about you. About you and how life is treating you. Did you rally your best efforts for the first month? Or did you start a diet, a new job or did you quit an old one? What were your resolutions, what are your dreams for this year?

How are you doing out there?

Consider this me touching base to say I hope you’re doing ok. I hope the pressures and the hype of the whole new year, new me thing aren’t weighing on you too heavily. Sometimes I worry when I see the commercials airbrushed to perfection and the challenges from every corner to do better. I worry about you and how you’re going.

And I know you’re not some fragile flower out there in the world ready to be trampled. The ladies and gents who read this blog are strong. Each of you in your way. But this whole thing is a lot of pressure for anyone. So be kind to yourself friends. Especially if things have already gone south in the motivation department.

That’s the way it goes sometimes. 

After years of attempting to faux motivate myself into some kind of massive life overhaul every January, I ease in. I grieve for long summer days with nothing to do but lay in the sun and read. January is hard for me. So, I let it be hard. I give myself room to breathe so that perhaps, come February, I might be ready. And I am.

I spent my time pouting, complaining and getting my butt back into gear to live my wild ride of a life. Now it’s time for me to create something worthy of this life I’m living in 2015 and beyond. The pieces will fall into place but I have a clear idea of who I am right now, who I want to be and what I want for myself, my family and friends. Now is my time to get moving.

I’m ready and I’m glad I took the time.

So what I want to say is that life isn’t about getting somewhere, it’s about the whole journey. I know, you just threw up in your mouth a little, but I’m right. It’s about the time you spent laughing with the people in your life. It’s about making choices to benefit you when you can and being okay when they are the wrong ones.

Take some time and listen to what your head, your head and your guts are telling you and leap for the things you want. Sometimes you’ll even fall face first. And that can be the best thing for you at the time. Life has never been tidier, or more focused for me and that was thanks to a face plant.

Be brave, be stupid and just go for it.

Then, what I wanted to say was that having a big exciting life isn’t going to be picture perfect all the time. You’re not going to be some constant vision with clear skin and bouncy hair. Sometimes, you have to ride the lows to get back to the highs; taking the time to learn how to use them to your best advantage. Trust yourself to know what is best for you, blocking out the bombarding external voices.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what is you and what is them. Question everything. Take the time to be quiet and really listen. Find out what you like, what you stand for and why it matters to you. Your voice will come back. It has simply been dulled, that’s all. Your voice is in there.  promise you that.

So how ARE you doing? Are you ok?

{And yes, that’s absolutely a flying V in the pic. Literally. Go Ducks.}

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