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That I’m annoying. Oh wait. No, that’s not where I was going with this at all. This was to be the post I wrote as an ode to my sister for her birthday. My baby sister turned 25 last week, and I could not be prouder. So what have I learnt from having a sister? Take note sister types, I expect you to add to the list in the end.

I’ve learnt to keep my stuff under lock and key. When I was 9, she brushed all the hair on my porcelain dolls effectively ruining them forever. When she started school, she pinched my fancy Derwent pencils and took them to school denying everything. Denying everything until her class book came home and there, she was smiling, gap-toothed, at her desk with them open next to her. Busted. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I am about a foot taller and twice her size or I’d have nothing left in my wardrobe.

Then I learnt that no matter how much time passes you can always get in trouble for something you did to your sister. There’s a classic example of when I told my then 5-year-old (or less) sister that she pushed her twin off a bridge. It didn’t end there, I told her it was best not to mention it to Mum and Dad because they were pretty annoyed at her. She was 13 when she finally cracked. And boy-oh-boy did I get it! There’s no statute of limitations on sisterly crime and punishment folks. Especially if you deserve it.

I learnt that there is no one you will love or hate more at the one time. No one that you would push around endlessly but refuse to allow someone to touch a single golden hair on her head. In school one day my sister, then very young, and me 7 years ahead in high school caught the same bus. The primary school kids made their way through the high school on their way to get onto the bus. When she arrived, she was crying that a girl had taken her flower and crushed it. Stamping her foot on it and everything. Mean, right? So I set the biggest, scariest, dudes I knew on that girl. Most of them has little sisters too. And if they didn’t, considered mine sister to be theirs.

Not something I’d advocate as a grown up as a method of handling it. But like I said, when it comes to sisters you just have this protective, that’s my punching bag, thing going on. It makes a girl do crazy things. I sure hope that girl didn’t go home to her older brothers crying that day… But then, I figure she didn’t or I would’ve heard from them! Thems the rules.

So what else have I learnt? Having a sister is fun, a laugh a minute. The best, most annoying, exciting, frustrating, heart opening thing ever. They even make you appreciate having a brother! Magic what a bit of a bit of bonding with your brother will do as a reprise from sisterly overload.

Tell me, what you’ve learnt having a sister? The good, the bad and the ugly.

{Happy birthday Amanda Claire, I couldn’t have wished for a better sister. Your gift is in the mail, promise. HA.}

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