I’ve had some time on my hands; you might have noticed. First I thought maybe I’d tackle some of the hundreds of classes I had saved on SkillShare. But focus is a fickle friend, so that didn’t work out. Instead, I turned to my list of documentaries about talented, powerful women; Gaga, Amy, Anna, Brené, Joan, Franca, and the list goes on and on.

And I settled in. 

Stories unfold before me of determination and success, of struggles and highlights. I mean, what more do you need to remind you that hardship passes and life goes on? And as much as I know, the worry about our health and safety has risen to the surface of most interactions. I think I want to find a way to shift that. Yes, I want to have conversations about what is going on, but I want to look for the silver lining. I know it’s there.

I got a call from my Mum this morning. We haven’t had a chance to chat since my birthday, so it was nice to touch base with her. She is concerned about Kel and I, and whether we are doing okay. She knows business must be hard right now, but was reassuring that we would get through; that hard times don’t last. I’d been kicking myself about some decisions I’d made, and she reminded me, I couldn’t have known this was coming that I’m doing my best. That life will always throw a curveball, at least it’s not just me in this one.

But that’s Mums, right? They’re great like that. 

My cousin and her brood (four kids at home) came by for a chat over the fence today. They live in the neighbourhood and were out getting some much-needed exercise scooting about on the basketball court next door. It is technically day two of the kids being schooled at home, and something like day three or four of her work being shut down.

Right now she’s grateful for the chance to be with her family. To be healthy and safe. For money in the bank and a roof over their heads. Yes, things are hard to explain to the kids and difficult to fathom sometimes as adults. But that’s a silver lining. She’s worked out of the home almost their entire lives, and this is something of a gift to them all.

I’m sure they’re not the only ones. 

We need to be reminded of our power right now, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Sure, it took the stories of famous women to remind me of that initially. But it was the women I know, who live their lives on a smaller scale, for the people they love, that brought it home. That’s the reminder today; we are strong, powerful and if you need to reach out, do that.


Photo by Charis Gegelman on Unsplash


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