17 sundays cargo skirt plus size dressy casual outfit-1

Saturday night Mr Suger and I had a very special house to warm. It was a birthday celebrating house in a ridiculously cool location in the centre of Brisbane. Well, technically it was a unit, but the party is the same. We were to celebrate with two people we adore very very much but hardly ever get to see these days. We were excited!

What to wear was something I pondered over for a little while. We are about 2 hours north of Brisbane so there would be driving (which means nothing that crushes too easily) and I had a pit stop along the way for a secret squirrel mission. Hmmmm. What to wear was the question.

A parcel arriving Friday held the answer.


This skirt.

Paired with a simple tee and wedges, a bit of bling and big hair. Hello, house-warming fabulous. It was dressy enough to look like I’d made an effort (thanks to the wedges). It was comfortable enough to be wearing all night though I did get a little wrinkled by the end of the drive home. Plus it was casual enough for a party where most people had their shoes off.

What say you? It’s the best, right?

17 sundays cargo skirt plus size dressy casual outfit-4 17 sundays cargo skirt plus size dressy casual outfit-5

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