A short time ago, maybe a week or two, the gorgeous Elle of Seeking More, Staying Grateful gave me a shout out for a Liebster Award and as part of that asked 10 questions. There is lots more to do which I probably won’t do {bad blogger, break the chain and your blog traffic dries up or something like that} BUT I can’t resist a survey. So ten questions it is! Question set by Elle and answered by me. Interesting? Let’s see shall we?

blogger award ten questions


Tea or Coffee (or heaven forbid something else)?

Coffee. Always, always coffee. These days I drink decaf because I became a little obsessed. It keeps me in line and when I have a beautifully made coffee on those other days, it just seems all the more special. And then there’s water, I adore water.

What are you doing most days at 5pm?

Monday to Thursday I’m usually getting to packing up my desk at work at 5pm. Then I head home to cook dinner or head to the gym for an hour or so. Friday through Sunday by 5pm I’d be waking from a nap then tarting up to head out to dinner or some form of social thing. I love weekends and tend to make the most of them. I also love naps. LOTS. Haha.

What value do you hope people think of in relation to you?

I hope people think I’m brave and determined. Smart, fun and generally awesome would be good too.

What’s your favourite magazine?

These days I read SHOP fortnightly for the new season fashion type stuff. I still love Vogue and ELLE but can’t justify buying them every month because I never get around to reading them. Now they’re more of a holiday type thing. I also love Real Living for homewares stuff and Donna Hay for recipes and drooling over food.

If you could wake up tomorrow in any country in the world, where would you be?

I’m pretty happy in my beautiful Australia but I wouldn’t mind a visit to my friends in Italy. *waves to the Renovating Italy team* Or to wake up in New York and set about eating my fill of salty pretzels with mustard. And then I’d shop my butt off.

Share an embarrassing moment.

Oh gosh, to narrow this down. There was this thing just last week. Or the time I fell off a treadmill because I dozed off while warming up one morning. The time I slipped down a flight of stairs at the side of the stage during a packed intermission for a play I was directing, slid across the fall on my butt and ran into a wall… Heck I could go on all day.

Name one person who you look up to.

My parents. To me even though they are very much their own person they are a unit. They’ve had a great life together and lived it all with integrity, laughter and generosity. When I grow up, I want to be like them.

How do you unwind?

I love to take long hot baths with bubbles and my iPad. It’s the best. I either watch a movie I’ve seen a hundred times and forget everything that is crowding my brain for an hour or two or I read. Books, PDFs, eBooks… It doesn’t matter. I love to soak and it relaxes me like nothing else. Well, except sex but I don’t think you’re supposed to say that out loud. HA.

What was the last book you read?

Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi for like the third time. A terrifying insight into her life as she battled eating disorders during her time on Ally McBeal. A difficult read for someone with a long past of disordered eating, let me tell you, but enlightening too. Optimistic and uplifting ultimately with a dark sense of humour throughout. I love that, dark humour really appeals to me.

Tell me how you’d spend $100,000 if you had one day to do it.

Oh I’d be ALL over that. I’d hit the shops and buy all the investment pieces I have on my long-term wardrobe list. No expense spared. I’d even have some made if I couldn’t find them. Then I’d pay off a couple of small bills and debts that would free us up around here come the next day. Give a big chunk of it to a local charity Jake Garrett Foundation that provides support and $1000 towards funeral expenses to families who are suffering the loss of a child.

Then maybe have a blog giveaway. Derrr. Are you allowed to giveaway cash on the internet? Maybe I’d have to buy more pretty things for people. Haha. Pay for our flights and accommodation for Vegas and flights to Italy. Then finally I’d take my family and friends out for dinner and drinks and not leave until it was spent. Sheesh, that one was fun! Haha.

And that was my 10 questions! Fun, right?

Want to answer them? Knock yourself out. I’d love to hear your responses too.

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