My school’s halloween disco – 2000. Yup. That face was deliberate. Haha.

This weekend I’ve been writing an epic post about the internet and teenagers, my opinion of the things they need to know with a side order or reminiscing of all things me as a teen. Ahhh teenage Melissa, what a strange bird she was. A strange combination of insecure and over-confident, strong and weak, loving and hateful. My teenage-self made some mistakes, for sure. Ones that occasionally flashback as a reminder that when you know better, you do better.

As I wrote that post, I forgave those mistakes I had made a little more. Being a teenager is hard work and knowing how to navigate it all is near on impossible. Having those cringe-worthy times are what makes being an adult bearable. I like to think I’m way less embarrassing now. Well, I like to think I am. I’m probably not. But I look before I leap and think before I speak, so that’s a win.

Do you know what I thought has to be the hardest, most frustrating thing about teenagers? When you are one, you feel and act like you’re the only one that has ever existed ever. It makes it almost impossible to tell them anything. I was acutely aware of this as I write my post. How do you say ‘yeah, I know I’m old, but it’s the same, different but the same’? Maybe it was just me.

I liked to think I was the best driver ever. The smartest person ever who only needed to do assignments at the very last-minute. I was cruel because it made me feel better about myself. I trusted no one; not really anyway, and especially not myself. I’m not sure I did being a teenager any better or worse than anyone else, but let me tell you, I wouldn’t do it again for quids.

So I’ll leave you with that random pondering about teenagers, me as a teenager and randomness. Got anything cringe-worthy to report from when you were a teenager?

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