We’ve been in our home for over two years now. It’s about time to show you guys around. A few of you have asked for this. Anytime I share a video to my story taken inside the house, you’re like, show us more! Well, you asked and I’m obliging. I started recording video, from every angle imaginable and soon I had way more footage than I needed. Not to mention so truly rubbish footage. Haha. But I’ve cut together a video that gives you the gist of what it’s all about.

Take a look at our living areas including the ridiculously good looking hallway. Which, probably shouldn’t be a thing, but it is. Don’t you just love a house with charm and character? When I first walked into this house I knew I could be very happy there. I’d been looking for something unique. Something with style. After years in spec houses, I wanted something with heart. When I found this house, I knew straight away it could be the one.

But, for some people, it looked like too much work.

I heard them talking it over on their way out of the inspection. It’ll cost thousands, they said. It’s so worn out. But, old real estate brat me, well, I knew better. Even if the painting would cost an arm and a leg. After taking Kel through the house, finalising a reasonable time frame for settlement, we were the proud owners of a piece of our town’s history.

Our project began before we moved in. We started with a few minor renovations in the form of a cut through from the kitchen and ripping out the carpets. Then we applied some paint (loads of paint and about 6 weeks) to cover the faded green and salmon walls. As this progressed we ditched the old curtains and blinds; never replacing them. This house was made to let light in. We wanted to let it in.

Soon this 1970’s beauty looked as good as new.

Take a look for yourself.

Want to see more about this house, the renovations and things like that? You’re in luck. Here’s one {some} I prepared earlier. There are even a couple in there from our old house. I miss that place sometimes, but I’ve got to say, this new place feels like home. And didn’t I say that we have a pretty cool looking hallway? I wasn’t lying, right?

There you go team, I hope you enjoyed this look into our house, I can’t wait to share more. In the future, I want to do a walk through how I have my office set up right now, so that’s on the list. Plus, I have some work coming up with Sheridan, so I’ll have to take you into our bedroom. Watch this space. More to come!

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