We love party season, what can I say, love to party. Okay so not really, but we do like to see people around this time of year. There are lots to do, people to see, champagne to drink. You know, the usual.Bellecurve, Target’s new range sent me through a few of their items around the time I was planning a post about dressing for and staying classy this holiday season {though pffft, what do I know. Ha}. I knew I would use photos of this dress to illustrate some fab party style. Are you ready to talk parties? What to wear, how to manage the whole open bar thing and tip for hosting your own gathering and not going nuts. Sounds good, right, are you ready for THIS? Of course you are! ‘Tis the season and all that. Let’s roll.

What the heck do I wear!?

There are a number of occasions and levels of dressy’ness. What to wear is one of those minefields that is a little bit specific to each event. There a re a few key tips that I apply to all events no matter where they are, who they are with and why the heck I’m there. My golden rules if you will.

  • Wear shoes that will handle any surface. Wedges are great, sturdy heels work too. Now is not the time to teeter in heels for the first time. What if you end up on cobble stones or a timber deck? Eeek. Too much pressure. Stick with what you know.
  • Skip the spanx. Really. They are uncomfortable and give you a smooth shape, sure. But they also give this weird spherical look. Wear some well-fitting underwear and be done with it. There will be less chance of overheating or, you know, passing out from lack of oxygen or something.
  • Choose a showstopper piece of clothing {or accessory} and let it do the talking. This dress is SUCH a showstopper that all it need is styled hair, a bit of lippie and a pop of colour from the platform pumps. Done.
  • Keep your hair simple, make-up classic and lipstick bold. I may not be a beauty blogger but I know what I like and what works for me. Sure add a little more bronzer or eyeliner than usual. But again I say, it’s important to be comfortable. If you’re constantly worried about red lippie on your teeth then skip it.

This party season I have a few key looks I’ll be wearing and they are;

  • The bodycon dress, heels or wedges, fresh hair and bold lips. Works with all styles of little black dress, little coloured dress or not so little versions of either.
  • Harem/Peg pants, ankle strap wedges or flats, tucked in shirt and chunky, long-line necklaces.
  • Simple layering dress in block colour with light kimono style jacket in a light, flowy fabric with a print or bold colour. Add flats, sandals, wedges or killer heels as required. Go big on the hair either down or in a large sock bun.
  • Boyfriend jeans, cuffed at the ankles, killer heels, sheer blouse, hair up and blingy earrings.

My tips on staying classy this party season.

There are SOME parties you can attend where everyone loves you, it’s relatively private and the chances of your antics ending up on YouTube are slim to none. Then you can do what you like. Party like a rock star {the old school hotel trashing version, of course} and do what you like. BUT the thing is that for most of us, those parties aren’t possible. Most gatherings this time of year are for work, clients and extended family and friends. Some decorum is required. Darn it. So here are my tips;

  • If it’s warm, for goodness sake drink water, not just booze.
  • If you party is during the day have a plan to keep cool and out of the sun. Before you go, apply sunscreen and maybe even a hat.
  • Buffet and meal serve etc can be tricky if you’re managing a party outfit, a glass and more. Don’t be afraid of leaving the clutch or handbag behind for the night so you can go hands free. Put your drink down while you eat. Find a table or ledge or something to rest it all on so you can avoid an awkward spill.
  • Trying not to overindulge? Stay the heck away from wherever they are serving the food or drink. Get into a conversation on the OPPOSITE side of the room. Avoidance is key here.

What if I’m hosting the party? Then what do I do?

Incase you haven’t noticed my Instagram feed, we LOVE a good house party. So over the years I have collected a few tips to help you make it through without losing your marbles and having zero fun. It’s a short how to be the hostess with the mostest list. You’re welcome.

  • You absolutely MUST ask people to bring a plate. And be specific. Assign people an item to bring. It saves them the angst and YOU knocking yourself out cooking all day and night.
  • Have loads and loads of ice, soft drinks and some simple wine or bubbly on hand. Most people will bring something they plan to drink, but this covers all those that may not think of it.
  • Use outdoor space if you can. Especially if it’s warm and you have a decent yard, court-yard or verandah. String up some fairy lights and it’s like instant festive.
  • If you plan to decorate keep it simple with clusters of candles {on plates works well for spillage}, fresh flowers in unique vases and the lights mentioned above. Co-ordinate with some napkins, runners, table clothes or interesting items from around your house. If it’s a christmas party put bauble in vases near the candles and it’s all the twinkly fun you need.
  • Which brings me to, if you have a lot of people coming hire dishes and glassware or BETTER YET, use disposable options. No mess, no fuss, throw them away. Unless you have a butler’s pantry {and butler wouldn’t hurt} you’ll spend a large portion of your night clearing the mess. My kitchen is open plan, I hate entertaining and see the loads of dishes pile up there. It’s much more relaxing to slide them off a table and into the bin. LOTS.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the people. Have a bbq or something simple that can be made in advance. Allow yourself plenty of time to set up so you can shower and be ready before people arrive. Have a glass of bubbles or two. Chill. It’s a party. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point!?

Dress courtesy Bellecurve, available now at Target. {wearing size 22}
Shoes – Torrid – 2012 {thanks Danimezza!}

Tell us YOUR best party tricks? Oh wait. Party tips… Party tricks is something entirely different.
Fun though. Maybe share your party tricks too. Haha. 


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