As soon as the weather turns warm I can’t be trusted to do anything but lay around and drink ice-cold beverages. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but on weekends, it wouldn’t a stretch. So what do I wear for such occasions? What’s my summer session style? Well, it’s laaaaaaid back. Way back. Mostly it involves swimwear and thongs, today I dressed ‘up’ a little for an afternoon session and BBQ dinner.

Denim, flats, light and easy layers, and something to carry my drinks in. Mr Suger by my side doesn’t hurt either, of course. I don’t need much. I’m a simple girl at heart. A bit of sunshine and the world just seems to be a brighter, better place. All concept of deadlines and work to be done just disappears. Who can blame me, there’s summer in my blood. But what was I talking about? Oh yeah, outfit.

Today {yesterday now, I suppose} I wore my new 17 Sundays denim skirt for the third time since it arrived. An impressive wear rate by anyone’s standards. Unwashed, you can see how little it has crushed in that time. Let me just tell you that it wears like a dream thanks to the lush, soft, freaking amazing denim. Really, it’s like nothing else. I’m wearing the 24 with the string pulled tight. It’s a perfect fit.

I paired the skirt with crisp white and my sneakers because denim and white are made for each other. I strung my stacked rings on some beaded necklace strands for a touch of colour. Then finally I added a bag I picked up at a garage sale a few weeks ago, the print is adorable, the colours are a perfect match to the necklace. Got to love a good matchy-matchy win. And hey presto, outfit. Now where is the chilled cider at?

ASOS Curve Blouse {old stock}, 17 Sundays Old Flame Denim Skirt {gifted}, Adidas Sneakers via eBay, Necklace is a combination of two {old stock} and bag from a garage sale. 

Favourite thing to wear in summer? GO! 


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