We’re all going on a summer holiday! No more working for a week or two. Fun and laughter on a summer holiday, something or rather about me and you…. Two weeks exactly actually. I finished work on Thursday last week, and I return to work on January 5th. I’m so excited to be at the Sunshine Coast for a few days this week soaking up my favourite things in the world, the sunshine, my family and the beach.

It’s been a tough transition at times. I’ve moved into the extra hours which altogether mean I’m pretty much full-time. I’ve been finding the time for some things, letting others slip through my fingers (gym? What gym?). I feel like in the last few months I got the hang of it. I even made it to the pool a couple of times. Go me.

But things look set to change again, so I’ve got my dancing shoes on. Making all the things work is important to me. It’ll be a challenge though. Plus we are moving in January. Plus I have that new blog, an awesome one, remember? There are loads of balls to juggle but for now, I’m not thinking about any of it.

This week, these two weeks, I’m on Summer holiday. Thank goodness for THAT.

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