This week I had the opportunity to share my recently finished dining area (ok, so these things are never finished but close enough) over at Nicole’s blog The Builder’s Wife. The new Todd Dining Table from Freedom sat front and centre being all awesome as it does. And I thought I need to let the blog folks know about these developments because someone out there might care.

And here we are.

Here I am.

Begging someone to care about my dining table and chairs. About the rug, I NEEDED to find. The recycled boxes that are coming together as a shelving system. All of it, because it’s our home here now and I want you to like it. Love it actually, but I’ll start with like. Let’s check it out!

suger's place - suger coat it-15 suger's place - suger coat it-1 suger's place - suger coat it-18 suger's place - suger coat it-4

Cool right? Want to hear more about this spot? Pop over and check out my interview on Nicole’s blog. And if you have any questions about where stuff came from, let me know in the comments. I’ll have to check my Visa statements… Haha.

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