Morning team. I thought why not take this fine Saturday morning to lob an announcement into the interwebs. Mr. Suger and I decided, me mostly and he’s rather compliant with such things since I prefer to cook, are going sugar-free. Again. It’s the triumphant return of Sugar-Free Suger.

I know there is a lot to be said for moderation and not cutting out one single food group and that. I’m team that. But this works for us and it leads us to lives with balance. But I get if this content isn’t for you, 150% get that. I’ll see you again soon. Try the outfit post from yesterday instead.  

You see, we’ve been here before. Before party foods for parties took over our life we were kicking life’s butt when it came to our health and well-being. Things just worked. Back in something like 2010, my father gave me a copy of Sweet Poison and it changed the way we shopped for, prepared and ate food. It happened to coincide with the purchase of our Thermomix so we were clean eating all over the place.

It made a huge difference to our lives and the healthfulness of them. But we let that slippery sucker back into our lives and find ourselves fatter and more bloated than ever. Which is what it is, no judgement, but the time has come to rein in the party and take care of ourselves. Again. If you’ve read any of the books or seen That Suger Film, you’ll know what I mean, how it creeps up on you and you start craving sweetness again. When it’s gone, it’s soooo gone. It’s really an interesting thing.

We have just finished the first week of the Sarah Wilson 8 Week Challenge (#al), the easy bit. The notice what you’re eating and start to reduce sugar (fructose mostly) and artificial sweeteners part of things. The coming week we ditch it all including artificial sweeteners. Ugh, there goes my Coke Zero fix (another habit I really do need to kick). We are both a little wary of this stage, we know what that feels like.

It. Sucks.

So wish us luck, let me know if you’ve come across any great recipes or tips that we could use. Most of all, thanks for being a space that I can be accountable in. You may not agree with me, you might not even care, but by allowing this post to be here you are holding our words to do this. And that’s important to me. Thanks team! x

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