I wrote Fashion Anarchy because I was sick of being told what to do. The words fell out of me so quickly I knew I was on to something. I knew there was something for me to say, and even part of me knew that people needed to hear it. It wrote it for every conversation I had about fashion and style rules. I wrote it for every woman who has felt that she needs to comply to fit some ideal. I wrote it for you.

When the Fashion Anarchy blog post series launched there was. There were people who dragged items out of their wardrobe they hadn’t worn in years. Women who shortened that hemline layered mixed prints and wore stripes {gasp!} because it made them feel good to do so. Teenage daughters felt like they could follow their rules rather than the rules dictated to them by peers, magazines and movies.

The rebellion had begun. And today, it continues.

Introducing Suger’s Fashion Anarchy Workbook with the reworked blog posts, challenges, styling tips and more. It’s all here folks, the fire in my belly for there to be a change. I wrote it down, and now I’m sending it out to you in this easy reference, freaking good-looking package. And that package is with thanks to Amanda Fuller for her effortless style of the workbook design. As usual, she and I were on the same page from the start, and I had a final version in less than three edits. She’s that good. Considering an eBook of your own? Talk to Amanda.

Now off you go. Grab one for yourself and start making a change to your wardrobe and your personal style today. Stop listening to what others tell you is right for you and start listening, looking with your own eyes and knowing your gut. Fashion Anarchy will get you started, and then when you take it and run with it, the possibilities are endless.

Throw out those style rules today. Go on, you know you want to.


Sugers Fashion Anarchy Workbook


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