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Talking confidence, style + business; Suger’s eBooks and Workbooks are here to change the way you do life. Guiding you from the life you have to the one you want. Just like I promised. In some cases, they are a package of blog content or an expansion of a conversation or challenge. Some were subscriber-only free downloads that have now expired.

Why eBooks?

Over the past few years, as content has grabbed the attention of the readers of this blog, or as subscriber downloads expired, they have been uploaded to this shop for purchase. This blog is a one-woman show, so the proceeds go to paying for some of the costs associated with running this blog. Your support is much appreciated.


Click on any of the images in the shop below to grab your copy of the eBook or Workbook. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments or email me. All of the books in the store are in PDF (A4) format and will be available to download via a link. Prices are Australian dollars. For more information, see the specific product page.

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