For Part 3 of Suger’s Fashion Anarchy we are really going to talk shop. I’m going to share with you some of the ideas I have about styling and style so you can have a jumping off point to create your own look. Your aim today is start to shape an idea of a style that is uniquely you from nothing. Now THAT sounds like fun right?

Having left behind the rules that restrict you and hold you back in part one, then getting focused on your ‘now’ body, favourite parts and lifestyle set you up for today. Today the fun starts. Today you let your imagination run wide and create. Fun, right? Much more interesting than building a wardrobe solely based on the whims and ideas of other people.

I’m going to share tips about wearing colours or not, adding textures, patterns and prints for interest and using inspiration to shape your ideas. I really want to emphasise that there is no right or wrong here, you should experiment and work with the things you like. It’s fashion anarchy after all, not do what Suger tells you to do. Keep the rebellion strong and work it out for yourself. Take what you can use and leave the rest.

It is all about you, remember. Let’s begin.

Working with lots of colour or none

Colour can be intimidating. If you’ve been hiding out in black and navy for a while now the idea of layering colours, colour blocking or even colour clashing might seem a wee bit extreme. Firstly, breathe. Haha. There are a few tips that will help you navigate colour.

Choose colours that look great on you. You know that ones that always lead to compliments and make you skin and eyes shine. Those ones. Still not sure? Grab a range of colours and hold them up one after one in a mirror {or take a selfie}. You’ll see it. If you don’t ask a trustworthy friend.

Nervous about the whole thing? Start with a touch of colour and build up to that all brights outfit. Add a scarf or accessory. A colour pop from your shoes, a bold lipstick or handbag will do wonders for easing you in. And next time, add a little bit more and a little bit more.

Balancing colours in an outfit can be tricky. To get you started take a tip I learnt from Nat at Defined Image {win her eBook on Colour and Print below} and wear one light neutral item, one dark, one patterned and one coloured. Lay them out together and see how they work together before wearing them. You can add or swap in accessories or different colours without the hassle of dragging items on and off.

But maybe you’re a little more like me and you’re keen to incorporate monochrome into your style. Well awesome, step on over to the dark side. There is only one key to putting together a monochrome outfit, I think, and it will serve you no matter what your style is. Keep it interesting by playing with different materials, textures and shape.s.

Think skinny jeans with an oversized t-shirt half tucked with a tailored trench, loosely tied over the top and shiny patent ballet flats. All in black, of course. It’s textural thanks to the denim, the soft tee, the trench in that gorgeous trenchy fabric and the shine of the leather.

Got it? Good.

Most people will fall somewhere in the middle of the two extremes mentioned. Maybe on one day you’re all about the colour, the next you want an all black ensemble. Well great! Do that. Now you’re sorted no matter what you want to do. Do I really have to say fashion anarchy again? Oh I do. OKAY!

Working with patterns and print

Like I mentioned above, working patterns and print into an outfit can be as easy as balancing colours. I wear two or three patterns at once sometimes because they are all in the same colour family so they look great together. It can be as match matching as stripes and spots in the same colours or just one key colour running through the whole lot.

Don’t be afraid to use stripes, polka dots or chevrons as an amped up neutral. The same can be said for animal prints. There’s nothing more class than a stripe tee, a locket on a thin chain with a full floral skirt. Make it a little more edgy by swapping the stripes for leopard print and the locket for a spiky statement necklace. Now you’re Rockabilly Rock Chic instead of Parisian Chic. It’s not hard to change your whole look with a print or pattern.

Working with texture

Texture is something that I use a lot more in the cooler months than the summer months. Winter works for me because texture loves layers like knits, jackets, scarves and more. That’s just a personal choice based on where I live. Creating interest with texture, as I mentioned in the colour section, is as easy as working different materials through your outfit.

Pairing unexpected combinations together is another way to create a unique look personal to you. Think the classic leather and lace, made modern by the cuts and style of the current season items. I like to pair my light, soft t-shirts with the structured blazers that were purchased for me to wear to work.

Accessories can be a great place to add texture to an outfit. Add a tassel necklace here, a straw hat there, a felt bag or a shiny pair of sneakers. Whatever it is, add texture and your outfit will always be interesting.

Working with style inspiration

As we discussed yesterday, you have to be inspired by everything around you. Keep your eyes peeled for colour combinations you love in nature, stylish people in real life, magazines or your favourite television character. Pretty much everywhere. Look to them all for ideas on not only colour and style, but how to add interest through layers, styling and accessories.

My favourite thing to do at the moment is to look at old street style photos from the 90’s through to the year 2000 or so. I get inspired by the way people wear their clothes, it challenges me to look at my modern styles from current ranges differently. Inspiration is everywhere if you take the time to look for it. And, of course, the rules of fashion and how to be fashionable aren’t taking up all your head space. Start to get inspired, start to pull together different ideas and themes for getting dressed and see what you come up with.

Name YOUR style.

You’re probably not going to fit in a particular style box anymore, so take a leaf out of my fellow Aussie Curve’er Alexandra’s book and give your style a funky name to inspire you. Her combination of Goth and Bohemian style that she’s named GOTHEMIAN {click the link to read more about it} should be an inspiration to you. Make your own rules, name that style of yours. In fact, after you’ve read all this, taken yourself some notes and maybe even planned an outfit THAT is your challenge today.

Mine is Sugerific; a combination of stripes, denim, classic and modern that will confuse and excite you. Okay, me mostly, but sometimes you.

Over to you, what are YOU creating?

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