Remember when I used to post recipes? I did it all the time and cooking was something that made me super happy. Only when I didn’t HAVE to do it, mind you. But happy none the less. I sort of lost my mojo because life came up and stole my beautiful kitchen from me, followed by all my spare time. But now, almost 4 years later I’ve rediscovered a love of food and drink through photographing it.

So, long story longer.

I’ve decided to open an Instagram specifically for my photos of food. Because, despite all attempts otherwise, I cannot and will not give up my desaturated Instagram feed, and food NEEDS that saturation. Right? This is all part of the process of creating stuff. Of doing those things that inspire me and point me in the right direction.

Sure, I want to cook more. Stupid electric stove be damned. And this feels like a step in the right direction. Last week I actually printed two recipes I pinned from Pinterest. Maybe one day soon the urge to cook, to actually eat food that serves me, will come back. Until then, there’s always eating out, right? Haha.


A post shared by Suger Eats 🍽 (@sugereats) on

A post shared by Suger Eats 🍽 (@sugereats) on

Now, what about you?? Do you have a food or beverage focused account I should be following? Leave me a link (or username) in the comments and we’ll hang out. Regular food content is preferred. But awesome recipes now and then is okay too.

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