There was a quote card shared yesterday that for once in my life I was like, errrr NO. Sure on the surface it seems fine, sometimes there are miscommunications and errors in translations that cause issues. Maybe it’s not worth worrying about those things. Maybe what I say shouldn’t matter to you. But should your understanding matter to me?

I vote yes.

It is my job as a COMMUNICATOR to make sure you get where I’m coming from, picking up what I’m putting down and all that jargon type stuff. Sure if you’re a mouthpiece unconcerned for your message in the world THIS is the quote for you. But I think you should care. You should care lots. Because why say anything at all if you are unconcerned by what it sounds like to other people.

Hanging in there with me?

You have no real control over what another person hears when you say something, how they interrupt it is a reflection of them and their experiences. Yes, absolutely. But you should care and exercise concern that your message is being heard. Don’t you think? Checking in to see if you’re on the same page with people, communicating the things that matter takes something.

If I say something that hurts your feelings, I want to know.

If I say something that occurs to you as judgemental or critical, I want to know.

If I say something you hate, I want to know.

Etc etc etc.

I want to know. I want to know because it matters to me if I am communicating with your effectively. It matters to me that what I am saying has been understood or at least comprehended in the way it was intended. That matters to me and I think it should matter to you too. So many upsets are caused by miscommunications perhaps we all need to take a little more care.

Yes? No? What say you? Am I responsible for what you hear when I say something?

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