Well, if it’s not autumn where you are just know I feel your pain. Even when I spent the weekend in Melbourne, it really wasn’t autumn weather. More like, maybe I could sleep with a sheet and a blanket perhaps weather. But that doesn’t mean I’m not turning my attentions to what I’m wearing when the weather cools down.

If it ever cools down.

Remind me I said that when it’s minus two here and I’m complaining because it’s freezing.

So I went to Melbourne and part of that trip with the 17 Sundays VIP night. Super fun night and let me tell you, that Margaret MacPherson is just as cool as she is hot. She’s a Queenslander though, we sort of knew that would happen, right? The best part was that the team raided their warehouse and filled racks and racks full of their clothes and it all just looked so beautiful. So cool. So fashion, you know?

17 sundays vip night march 2016 17 sundays vip night march 2016 17 sundays vip night march 2016

And from those racks I put together a few outfits to hang up and Suze and I played around with making them all look fab. Anywaaay, my point is that this outfit that I’m wearing is one of the outfits we put together. So it’s 17 from head to toe and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty darn epic.

I mean, you can’t argue with all this print and texture and layering and awesomeness. You really can’t. And I think that’s key. You need to be unafraid to put things together that may not work on your way to finding something you love. This outfit started out with the lather look pants and the skirt just worked better. For me anyway. You know me and ankle boots with skirts

plus size blogger australia 17 sundays aw16 outfitplus size blogger australia 17 sundays aw16 outfit-5plus size blogger australia 17 sundays aw16 outfit-1 plus size blogger australia 17 sundays aw16 outfit-4plus size blogger australia 17 sundays aw16 outfit

Wearing new season 17 Sundays, check out the page here. I’m calling it gifted but in reality, I raided their warehouse, like a kid in a candy store, and took as much goodness as I could fit in the suitcase home with me. And on that note, I’m wearing the 24 in this skirt for those playing at home. If you’re interested in buying one, it might be worth contacting the team to talk about sizing. That’s the pro tip. 

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