As you guys know, I was offered a position as an Executive Assistant. They passed their trial {ha!}, and I passed my performance review. A review unlike any I’ve been through before and WAY more fun just quietly. So now it’s time for me to whip my work-wear wardrobe into shape. The environment at my job is a reasonably corporate one when it comes to work-wear. We don’t wear jeans, even loud colours and prints seem to be kept to a minimum. Sometimes.

So what does a stylista do when she wants to keep her personality but fit into a work environment? Well, you adapt. You add a piece here or there that suit your style and run adjacent wardrobes that have the occasion crossover items. This post should help you out with that.

Sometimes I start to complain about having to have a ‘work’ wardrobe. When that happens, I try to keep in mind that I get the opportunity to dress up. My sister wishes she had a job to ‘get dressed’ for, and no she’s not working somewhere naked. She works in childcare, and her uniform is a polo shirt, shorts and a ponytail. I love low maintenance, so the idea of rolling out of bed and dragging on a uniform appeal to me.


But I remember, dressing up is fun, and I get over it. 


There are different levels of dress for every job. Of course. Some more strict than others. So I’ve covered off on a few different work-wear looks in the collage of outfit inspiration, my thoughts on work style essential pieces and a shopping board of items that I love. Things that I would wear in my “reasonably corporate but a few times now I’ve worn ankle boots, and it was okay” workplace. Getting ready for work never looked this good. Let’s roll. 


Work-wear Others are Wearing

steal her style work outfit inspiration work wear ideas


Images with thanks to Girl with Curves, Who What Wear, Bows & SequinsLe Blog de Letilor, Vanessa Jackman, Fashion Chalet, Roosa Closet, My Curves and Curls, Shapely Chic Sheri, In Fat Style, Stylish Curves, & From the Rez to the City




Work-wear Essentials


Start small and work your way up to a killer work-wear wardrobe. Secure yourself some good quality suiting items that can be mixed and matched with the less formal items in your wardrobe. A good pair of tailored pants, a pencil skirt, an a-line skirt and a dress will get you started. Add to that a blouse or button-up shirt or two, some comfortable heels in a neutral colour, and you’re there.

Then start to add your personality through pops of colour or print. A printed or colourful item adds a punch of personality to a monochrome ensemble. You could also start playing with shapes, cuts and sizes of your items. You’ll notice in the collage some oversized coats or blouses, midi-skirts and wide-leg pants. If you can’t be as bold with colour or print, add style through contrasts.

Aussie babe Jo shared her favourite work-wear tips for upping the ante on your work wardrobe in a post on her blog iCurvy, which you should check out while you are doing your research. I mean, look at her! The woman has style. And now, if you’re ready {don’t worry that link will pop open another page}, it’s time to take a look at what’s out there at the moment.


It’s a shopping board time!


steal her style work outfit inspiration work wear ideas shopping

1. Shift Tunic 2. Peplum Dress 3. Tulip Skirt 4. Longline Blazer 5. Classic Grey Dress
6. Colourblock Blouse 7. Patterned Blouse
8. Peplum Skirt 9. Colourblock Dress 10. Geo Print Wrap Dress 11. Scuba Pencil Skirt 12. Little Black Dress 



What’s YOUR work style?

Got a photo or a blog post? We’d love to see it.

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